10 of the Best Steakhouses Across the Globe

10 of the Best Steakhouses Across the Globe

Steakhouses, known for their focus on serving quality beef cuts, attract meat aficionados seeking well-prepared dishes. These restaurants prioritize high-quality meats, emphasizing optimal marbling and meticulous grilling techniques. Their menus feature various premium cuts, promising a flavorful and tender dining experience.

The artistry in achieving the perfect sear, juiciness, and flavor distinguishes these establishments, offering a culinary celebration of well-cooked beef. With a welcoming ambiance complemented by carefully curated wine lists and side dishes, steakhouses cater to discerning palates, providing a holistic gastronomic journey for those who appreciate the intricate nuances of exceptional meat.

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10 of the Best Steakhouses in The World

Peter Luger Steak House (New York, USA)

Situated in the heart of New York City, Peter Luger Steak House stands as an iconic establishment where old-school waiters serve aged beef in a classic German beer hall setting.

  • Quality of Meat: Peter Luger sets the gold standard for prime, dry-aged beef, ensuring a consistently exceptional dining experience through meticulous sourcing of top-quality meat.
  • Signature Dishes: Famous for its simple yet flavorful Porterhouse steak, the menu also features classic steakhouse sides like creamed spinach and German-style potatoes.
  • Type of Meat: Exclusively serving prime beef, dry-aged on-site to perfection, Peter Luger delivers a dining experience that can exceed expectations for even the most discerning steak connoisseurs.

Gaucho (London, UK)

Established in 1994, Gaucho has been a pioneering force in introducing Argentinian cuisine to London. Inspired by modern Argentina, the restaurant aims to bring the world’s best steak to the UK.

  • Quality of Meat: Gaucho prides itself on delivering an exceptional dining experience by sourcing the finest grass-fed beef. The premium Black-Angus cattle, bred at hand-selected farms in Argentina, ensure a rich flavor and tenderness that defines the culinary excellence at Gaucho.
  • Signature Dishes: The menu features a variety of cuts, with the Ancho steak as a standout choice, complemented by chimichurri sauce. Gaucho’s expertise in steak preparation is evident, offering a genuine taste of South American culinary traditions.
  • Type of Meat: The commitment to authenticity is reflected in the use of Argentine grass-fed beef, underscoring Gaucho’s dedication to providing an authentic Argentinian dining experience.

Mr. Tailor Steakhouse (Doha, Qatar)

Located in Rixos Gulf Hotel in Doha, Mr. Tailor Steakhouse offers a culinary experience inspired by meticulous tailoring. With a focus on prime cuts sourced globally – from the USA, Brazil, Scotland, Australia, and Japan – each dish is crafted authentically to honor its country of origin.

  • Quality of Meat: Mr. Tailor Steakhouse is dedicated to excellence in meat quality. Renowned for premium cuts sourced globally, each dish reflects meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring a consistently high standard and exceptional dining experience.
  • Signature Dishes: The menu at Mr. Tailor Steakhouse boasts a distinctive fusion of international and local flavors, with standout dishes like the perfectly cooked Tomahawk steak. These signature offerings underline the restaurant’s dedication to culinary excellence, providing a unique and memorable dining experience.
  • Type of Meat: Emphasizing a global approach, Mr. Tailor Steakhouse sources premium cuts from around the world. This commitment to diverse and high-quality meats reflects the restaurant’s dedication to offering patrons an international gastronomic journey.

Cut (Beverly Hills, USA)

Situated in Beverly Hills, CUT, the flagship restaurant of Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining, is renowned globally, holding a coveted MICHELIN star in 2019 and 2021. Located at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, CUT offers a contemporary take on steakhouses, showcasing the finest beef globally, along with shellfish, seafood, and an extensive international wine list.

  • Quality of Meat: CUT distinguishes itself by prioritizing artisanal, locally sourced ingredients, particularly American and Japanese Wagyu beef. This commitment ensures a menu reflecting exceptional culinary standards and a focus on top-tier meat quality.
  • Signature Dishes: The Japanese Wagyu ribeye is a standout, known for its marbling and melt-in-your-mouth texture. CUT’s menu also features inventive cocktails and a modern twist on classic steakhouse sides, providing a well-rounded dining experience.
  • Type of Meat: CUT proudly serves American and Japanese Wagyu beef, offering patrons a diverse selection that epitomizes premium meat quality. Whether enjoying American cuts or savoring the richness of Japanese Wagyu, guests are treated to a journey through the finest in beef.

Le Relais de l’Entrecôte (Paris, France)

Located in the heart of Paris, the Relais de l’Entrecôte embodies the essence of a classic Parisian bistrot. It strikes a balance of sophistication, elegance, and seamless operation. Known for its commitment to culinary excellence, the establishment has become synonymous with delivering an outstanding dining experience.

  • Quality of Meat: The Relais de l’Entrecôte exclusively selects the finest cuts of Charolais beef, ensuring each dining experience is consistently delectable and rich in flavor.
  • Signature Dishes: The restaurant’s unwavering dedication to perfection is epitomized by its focus on a singular dish – the entrecôte steak paired with its secret sauce. This specialized approach allows the culinary team to master the art of delivering the perfect steak and fries.
  • Type of Meat: Le Relais de l’Entrecôte meticulously chooses Charolais beef of the highest standards. This deliberate selection further underscores the establishment’s commitment to providing a premium and memorable dining experience.

El Filete Ruso (Barcelona, Spain)

El Filete Ruso, certified by Slow Food Barcelona since 2010, offers organic and locally sourced meats and vegetables. The restaurant embraces the Slow Food philosophy, particularly evident in the “Km 0” dish, aligning with stringent quality requirements.

  • Quality of Meat: The restaurant’s commitment to quality is evident in its meat selection. The organic and biodynamic grass-fed beef attests to their dedication to providing patrons with a high-quality dining experience.
  • Signature Dishes: El Filete Ruso offers a diverse menu featuring signature dishes such as the filete ruso, steak tartar, tagliatta de entrecot, and hamburgers. The menu also includes dishes with seasonal organic vegetables, prepared with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Type of Meat: The restaurant takes pride in offering organic and biodynamic grass-fed beef, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and flavor.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse (Tokyo, Japan)

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, originating from New York City and extending its presence to Tokyo, is recognized for its commitment to delivering top-notch steaks in a classic steakhouse setting.

  • Quality of Meat: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse ensures the quality of its meat by careful sourcing, aiming to provide patrons with high-grade cuts for a reliable dining experience.
  • Signature Dishes: Known for its Porterhouse steak, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Tokyo offers a menu featuring a range of meticulously crafted dishes, showcasing culinary expertise and precision.
  • Type of Meat: Emphasizing prime cuts, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Tokyo aims to deliver a diverse selection of top-tier meats, from dry-aged ribeye to the renowned Porterhouse.

Toro Toro (Dubai, UAE)

Located in the heart of Dubai, Toro Toro, by Chef Richard Sandoval, is a leading Pan-Latin steakhouse known for its authentic culinary journey from Peru to Brazil. The restaurant’s chic ambiance, adorned with tribal Latin patterns, palm leaves, and dark walls.

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  • Quality of Meat: Toro Toro upholds a commitment to quality meats, reflecting the authenticity of Latin American culinary traditions. From churrasco-style grilled meats to perfectly seasoned lamb chops, each dish showcases meticulous attention to detail.
  • Signature Dishes: The menu features a rich variety of signature dishes, including Rodizio-style grilled meats, Parrillada Mixta, and Lomo Saltado. Crafted with precision, these offerings celebrate the diverse flavors of Latin American gastronomy.
  • Type of Meat: Cuts from different countries contribute to a menu that appeals to the discerning palate, offering a journey through the unique flavors of Peru to Brazil.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (Singapore)

Ruth’s Chris Singapore, under the leadership of Kitchen Manager Kristoffer Clarence Ramoso, prioritizes a superior dining experience. The restaurant is distinguished for its meticulous selection and preparation of USDA Prime beef, renowned for its marbling and tenderness.

  • Quality of Meat: Ruth’s Chris Singapore is dedicated to top-notch meat quality, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience. The prime beef undergoes meticulous preparation and utilizing a patented broiling method.
  • Signature Dishes: The menu features iconic dishes like the Filet, Porterhouse for Two, New York Strip, and Prime T-Bone, showcasing culinary mastery and a commitment to excellence.
  • Type of Meat: Proudly serving USDA Prime beef, Ruth’s Chris Singapore’s unique preparation method, including the signature 500-degree plate sizzle, adds to the distinctive character of each steak.

Rockpool Bar & Grill (Sydney, Australia) 

Situated in Sydney, Rockpool Bar & Grill offers a straightforward dining experience focused on wood fire-grilled meats and premium seafood sourced from top Australian producers. The restaurant’s ambiance mirrors the simplicity of its surroundings.

  • Quality of Meat: The restaurant sources beef directly from producers and employs an on-site dry aging process for enhanced flavor.
  • Signature Dishes: Standout menu items include Blackmore’s Wagyu and Cape Grim grass-fed beef, highlighting the restaurant’s commitment to simplicity and quality ingredients.
  • Type of Meat: The restaurant prides itself on offering organic grass-fed beef, emphasizing a commitment to sustainability and delivering exceptional flavor.


Top steakhouses like Peter Luger, Gaucho, and CUT offer unmatched experiences for meat enthusiasts globally. With a shared commitment to sourcing the finest beef, they each bring a unique culinary identity.

From signature dishes at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte to global cuts at Mr. Tailor Steakhouse, these establishments prioritize quality and craftsmanship. Whether it’s Toro Toro’s Pan-Latin influence or Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse’s patented broiling method, each adds a distinctive touch.

In essence, these steakhouses go beyond dining, representing culinary institutions that elevate high-quality beef to an art form, captivating discerning palates worldwide.

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