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3 Delicious Cocktail Recipes for Vodka Lovers

3 Delicious Cocktail Recipes for Vodka Lovers

Easy and Delicious Vodka Cocktail Recipes.

Vodka is magic water and a must-have in your home bar. If you’re a vodka lover looking for something that excites your taste buds, keep reading for these easy-to-make delicious cocktail recipes.  

Moscow Mule 

The classic drink every bartender swears by, Moscow Mule is a refreshing cocktail served in a signature copper mug. Invented in 1941, Moscow Mule helped in the introduction and rise of vodka in the U.S. 


  • Vodka
  • Fresh lime
  • Ginger beer
  • Ice
  • Lime wheel and fresh mint (based on preference) 

Drinkware: Copper mug

Tools: none

Serves: 1


The secret to crafting a tasty cocktail is mixing an appropriate amount of ingredients. Precision is necessary to get that distinct flavor and ensure its consistency. 

  1. Fill the copper mug with ice.
  2. Pour 2 ounces of vodka.
  3. Add 1/2 ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice.
  4. Top with 3 ounces of chilled ginger beer.
  5. Stir well.
  6. Use the lime wheel and mint for garnish and serve.

Add strawberries, pineapple, or watermelon to give a fruity twist to the classic Moscow Mule.

Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

Cape Cod

Can’t get enough of cranberries? This cocktail recipe is for you! Cape Cod or Vodka Cran is a fruity cocktail that originated in Cape Cod. It is simply cranberry and vodka with ice! 

In the 1940s, Ocean Spray began selling cranberry juice by introducing this refreshing cocktail which soon gained popularity. It continues to be one of the most popular fruity vodka-based cocktails.  


  • Vodka
  • Cranberry juice
  • Ice
  • Lime wedge

Drinkware: Highball glass

Tools: none

Serves: 1


  1. Fill a highball glass with ice.
  2. Pour 2 ounces of vodka.
  3. Add 3 ounces of cranberry juice.
  4. Stir well.
  5. Garnish your drink with a lime wedge and serve.

By adding or replacing a few ingredients, you can turn this drink into an entirely different cocktail.

See Also

  • Cosmopolitan – Mix orange liqueur and lime juice in your Cape Cod to make this popular drink. 
  • Purple Haze – Add black raspberry liqueur to your Cape Cod.
  • Crantini – Substitute cranberry juice with cranberry liqueur.
  • Sea Breeze – To create this fun tropical cocktail, add some grapefruit juice.
  • Madras -Add orange juice to the mix for this brunch cocktail.
How to make an Absolut Cape Cod Cocktail | Recipe

Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini is a heavenly match of chocolate and vodka. It is a sweet dessert drink perfect for a dinner party. Invented and popularized by Hollywood star Rock Hudson, this cocktail is a popular drink consumed on Valentine’s Day.


  • Vodka
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Chocolate liqueur
  • Irish cream
  • Ice
  • Cocoa powder
  • Shaved chocolate 

Drinkware: Martini glass

Tools: Cocktail shaker and a strainer

Serves: 1


  1. Add small amounts of chocolate liqueur and cocoa powder into two different shallow dishes. 
  2. Dip the rim of the martini glass in the chocolate liqueur first, and then dip it into cocoa powder.
  3. Pour 1 ounce of vodka into a large cocktail shaker.
  4. Add 1 ounce each of chocolate syrup, chocolate liqueur, Irish coffee with some ice.
  5. Shake the mix well for 15-20 seconds.
  6. Strain the cocktail into a martini glass.
  7. Add shaved chocolate on top for garnish and serve.

For a creamy chocolate martini, choose creamier chocolate liqueur or add dairy cream. You can also add coffee, vanilla, or even coconut (based on preferences) to add a twist to your Chocolate Martini.

Absolut Chocolate Martini Cocktail Recipe

Make yummy vodka cocktails at the comfort of your home and impress your guests with these simple recipes. Cheers!

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