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3 Fantastic Reasons Why Colombia Is A Great Coffee Producer

3 Fantastic Reasons Why Colombia Is A Great Coffee Producer

Colombian Coffee

Wondering why Colombia is a great coffee producer? The coffee of Colombia is famous all over the planet for its delicious taste and excellent quality. Along with a few other nations, the country’s coffee is usually considered to be among the finest in the world. Let’s now look at some of the major factors that make Colombia a great coffee producer.

Why Is Colombian Coffee So Good?

  • Geography Is A Key To Produce Great Coffee

The country boasts the ideal geography for producing great coffee, which is a sensitive crop. Coffee requires the perfect conditions to sustain. Columbian coffee is synonymous with a rich flavor and this is possible due to the appropriate amount of rainfall, perfect soil, and a great climate.

  • Tropical Climate

The country has high rainfall, tropical location, and mountainous terrain and also has the perfect amount of sunlight as well. Its relatively mild climate makes it a top coffee-growing nation. Many people insist that Columbia has incredible biodiversity and amicable locals. However, perhaps its biggest blessing is the ideal geography and climate for producing some of the best coffee in the world.

  • The Harvesting And Growing Process

You cannot underestimate this factor when it is a question of cultivating fine coffee. It is not sufficient to have the ideal terrain and climate if the method of cultivating and gathering coffee beans is poorly executed or sloppy. 

Coffee is best when cultivated on steep slopes and surrounded by banana plants and trees. These trees/plants offer the much-needed shade that stops the beans from getting scorched in the heat of the sun. Also, each bean is hand-picked with great care. 

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We should not underestimate the hand-picking process. After all, a machine is unable to conclude the distinctions between unripe beans, green beans, overripe beans, and the perfect coffee cherry. A human can point out the differences and the blistered fingers and hard work of millions of coffee pickers ensure that the coffee-lover gets the best coffee beans.

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Colombian Coffee From Farm To Table

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