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3 of the Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Dublin, Ireland

3 of the Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Dublin, Ireland

Famous Restaurants of Dublin.

If you wish to taste truly gourmet meals from Michelin-starred restaurants of Ireland, then rejoice as in this article we have already marked down the best restaurants. Moreover, we have planned gourmet food trips for you and your family. So, on that note, let’s begin discovering some of the best gourmet restaurants in Ireland, Dublin.

For your perfect gourmet adventure of the Michelin-starred restaurants of Ireland, Dublin, here are some of the most famous and well-known restaurants renowned for their gourmet meals. The celebrity chefs in these restaurants are recognized internationally, and so are their extraordinary gourmet dishes. So now that we got you curious let’s check out what makes them the most famous in Dublin.

Chapter One

The one Michelin star restaurant Chapter One is renowned for its beautiful interior, which was designed by the famous interior designer Maria MacVeigh. Besides serving some of the best wine and gourmet dishes, this restaurant has many private dining rooms for families—the most prominent of them being Demi Salle or the beautiful Jameson Room. 

For genuine foodies, dining needs to be a happy memory. Hence, a restaurant should always fill your appetite and with joyous moments. So, at Chapter One, the staff always try their very best to bring smiles to customers’ faces. If you are looking for some fun experiences with your family while luxury dining in Dublin, then this is the right place for you.

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Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud has been serving its guests sensational gourmet meals for almost thirty years now. Nestled near the grand five-star Merrion hotel, this prestigious restaurant serves Dublin’s best French/European cuisine. It has also been awarded two Michelin stars and is the most famous restaurant in Dublin; hence, it comes first on our list.

The Greenhouse

Green House, led by the renowned chef Mickael Viljanen is a one Michelin star restaurant. It gained the much-coveted star rating despite opening its doors to customers only a year ago. In a week, you can enjoy its six-course unique dishes that include belted galloway beef, foie gras royale, and courgette flower along with crab and langoustine. The restaurant indeed serves some of the freshest and delicious vegetarian dishes you can imagine. It carries a Green House in its name. The restaurant and its staff have already sworn to use Ireland’s production of vegetables and ingredients to serve some of the best dishes to customers. If you are willing to taste some of the best European veggie dishes, available in Ireland, then Green House is your stop.

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