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3 Of The Best Food Markets to Visit in Spain

3 Of The Best Food Markets to Visit in Spain

Food markets are possibly one of the best places to enjoy local food and get to know what locals eat, and discover a country’s gastronomy. Spain is one of these countries with a rich gastronomy and with several food markets in its cities. Some of these indoor markets are centuries old, and many are located in the heart of their respective towns and cities. In them, you will find a wide variety of fresh products, seafood and meats, imported products, cold cuts, wines and cheeses.

Food markets to visit in Spain

Mercado Central de Valencia:

Watch B&A Been Here‘s video talking a tour in Mercado Centra of Valencia.

The Central Market of Valencia is an art nouveau style building with more than 1000 stalls selling various national products and delicacies. Founded in the first decade of the 20th century, the building features beautiful stained glass windows, colourful mosaics, and large central domes with iron frames. The building is magnificent, and the market is still in operation. Valencians frequent it to buy fresh products, such as vegetables, legumes, fruit or meat, and cheeses and wines. There are excellent restaurants and bars around the market to enjoy typical products, such as Iberian ham, paella, churros, and sangria.

Mercado de La Boquería de Barcelona:

Watch Wonderliv Travel‘s video taking a little tour in La Boqueria food market.

La Boqueria Market was founded in 1217 and is one of Barcelona’s oldest and largest food product markets. Here you will find more than 200 stalls selling fresh products, such as meat, fruit and vegetables, various delicatessen, cheeses, aromatic herbs and spices. There is a space where different courses, events, and gastronomic workshops are held throughout the year on the second floor. If your appetite works up during your visit, don’t hesitate to go to any of the tapas bars surrounding La Boquería Market.

Mercado de San Miguel de Madrid:

Watch The Laughing Lion‘s video taking a walk in Mercado San Miguel in Madrid.

The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid has more than 30 stalls where you will find fresh fish and seafood, cold cuts, wines, beers, artisan cakes and chocolates. Located next to the Plaza Mayor, it is open every day from 10:00 to midnight (one more hour on Fridays and Saturdays). Go to one (or several) of the tapas bars that you will find in the market to try fresh oysters or other typical Spanish cuisine delicacies, such as patatas bravas or garlic prawns.

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