3 Of The Best Ice Cream Places in New York.

Do you melt just imagining New York City in summer? Just as hot chocolate will serve as an ally if you travel to the Big Apple in winter, if you visit the city in spring or summer, ice creams will become your best friends, and New York is considered to have some of the best ice cream places in the world.

Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen became so popular, so they reached the level of creating a big brand that is competing with all the giants of ice creams out there. They have stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn, in summer you will also find them traveling the streets of New York in vans, as in their beginnings.

Their ice creams are artisans and are made with very few ingredients. The result is a natural and irresistible flavour, with seasonal varieties and many vegan ice creams, some of them with built-in pieces of cake. Now they sell local & nationwide delivery too.

Soft Swerve

At Soft Swerve, they serve ice creams but with an exotic, colourful twist. Some of their popular flavours are Ube Purple Yam, Thai Tea, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Vanilla, Vietnamese Coffee, Black Sesame

They are considered the kings of ice cream toppings. Toasted coconut, marshmallows, cereals, toffee, cookies are some of the toppings you can choose from… and for the ice cream cones, you can choose a red cookie or chocolate cookie.


The lines that form in front of Morgenstern’s show that this is probably the best ice creams place in New York.

You will find different varieties of vanilla, chocolate, caramel, coffee and strawberry ice cream from the most traditional to less common versions at Morgenstern’s. Still, all of them are artisan and incredibly delicious.

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