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Three Of The Best Restaurants In Chicago City

Three Of The Best Restaurants In Chicago City

3 Of the Best Restaurants in Chicago

Looking for the best restaurants in Chicago? In the culinary world, Chicago has a special place. Chicagoans don’t beat around the bush instead they focus on amazing flavors and praise-worthy presentations. They are known for their killer wine list. Over the years, Chicago’s fine dining restaurants have shown consistency with their use of local and seasonal ingredients. Which makes it a unique and eclectic experience.

Here Are 3 Of The Best Restaurants In Chicago

At present, Chicago is home to 22 Michelin-star restaurants. The impressive skyline of Chicago with mesmerizing views and innovative chefs makes it difficult to choose from a range of world-class restaurants.


Chicago’s fine dining experience is incomplete without a visit to Oriole. Situated on the Restaurant Row east of Kennedy expressway, this restaurant has two Michelin stars. Unlike, typical Michelin star restaurants, Oriole is a cozy dining room that is welcoming to everyone. It is often understated due to its unassuming location on an alley-like street. But it would not be wrong to say that Oriole is one of the finest restaurants in the entire United States. Once you enter this establishment, you are in for a world of surprise. Be prepared to get your world rocked by executive chef and owner Noah Sandoval who will dress up your table with edible masterpieces. It only serves 28 diners per sitting. It has an open kitchen and its bare-brick walls pay homage to the industrial heritage of its building.


This restaurant is at the zenith of the fine dining experience. Owned by culinary mastermind Grant Achatz, Alinea is a three Michelin star restaurant in Lincoln Park. It has many accolades to its name such as the six-time winner of Elite Traveler’s Top 100 restaurants. It is one of the highest-ranking restaurants in entire North America. The creative and innovative style of chef Achatz and his talented team produces progressive and deconstructed cuisine with flawless execution. Alinea’s fine dining experience is a well-orchestrated ride that will take you on a journey through flavors, textures, and temperatures.

Smyth and The Loyalist

It’s a combination of two restaurants Smyth and The Loyalist owned by husband and wife duo John Shields and Karen Urie Shield. It is based on the dual concept of serving fresh farm-to-table fine dining on the first floor and a bar beneath it. If you are wondering which is what? The Loyalist is the dark-themed subterranean bar and dining den that is great for midweek dining. Smyth is something for a special occasion. It is a fine dining establishment that has earned two Michelin stars.

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