3 Special Restaurants to Enjoy Great Food in Paris

Where to Eat Delicious Food in Paris?

With literally thousands of restaurants to pick from, you will land up with the problem of plenty while looking for the perfect restaurant for a fabulous gourmet experience in Paris. However, sweat not, help is here. Check out three exceptional restaurants in Paris for a mesmerizing Michelin-starred munching experience.


You can have a fantastic fine dining experience at L’Astrance. With three Michelin stars, it is not only one of the best that Paris has to offer but ranks among the top restaurants in entire Europe.

Although Pascal Barbot‘s tiny restaurant has been open for nearly two decades, it remains at the cutting edge of contemporary French fine dining. Barbot worked at L’Arpège under legendary chef Alain Passard and now owns L’Astrance in partnership with Christophe Rohat, his colleague from that era. Chef Pascal Barbot is known for his outstanding yet straightforward compositions with unexpected flavours. Pascal Barbot uses exotic ingredients, such as Chinese dates and miso, for flavour enhancements and avoids usual ingredients, such as butter, cream, pepper, and salt. His food reflects his experiences in the South Pacific and Sydney. A tart of button mushrooms with hazelnut oil, verjus-marinated foie gras, and roasted lemon paste is a long-time favourite among the regulars here.

David Toutain

David Toutain prepares some of Paris’ most innovative and audacious cuisine. Toutain, a Normandy native, received his second Michelin star in January 2019. Already a wunderkind, at the age of 21, he was the sous chef to the legendary French master chef Alain Passard. However, he discovered his culinary niche in the Alps, where he learned to cook using mountain herbs and flowers under the mercurial Marc Veyrat, a pioneer in molecular gastronomy. Pansy, Poppy, Lierre Terrestre (also known as ground ivy), and Queen of the Meadows are some unique dish names that you can find on his menu. His dishes are bold and exquisite adaptations of nature to your plate. His daily-changing menu is chock-full of creative and well-presented delicacies. For example- you would love the grilled eel with sesame sauce and egg yolk with cumin caramel cream here.

En Cuisine Avec David Toutain


For the feminists, Jòia would bring a pinch of proudness along with the obvious- a fantastic feast. This restaurant belongs to Hélène Darroze, who was named the best female chef on the planet.

The menu focuses on comfort food from Darroze’s hometown (which lies just outside the French Basque Country) with an international twist. The Landes region’s roasted chicken, as well as the fusion of crêpes mille-feuille and matcha, are both must-tries.

To quench your thirst, at Jòia, you get to gulp wines from one of the most distinctive Paris wine lists. The vintage wines are all manufactured by vignerons.

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