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5 Of The Best Fine Dining Restaurants In Amsterdam

5 Of The Best Fine Dining Restaurants In Amsterdam

5 Of the Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the world’s most liberal and multicultural cities. That means it has some of the world’s most diversified cuisine. As a result, if you are an affluent foreigner visiting the Dutch capital, deciding which restaurant to visit might be difficult due to the problem of plenty. To ensure that your journey to this part of the world is literally fulfilling, we are revealing the 5 of the best fine dining restaurants in Amsterdam, Netherland. All you need to do is enjoy the read and absorb.

5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants In Amsterdam


Bord’Eau is an elegant culinary excursion that combines excellent ingredients to create flavor symphonies. It’s cuisine is modern French embellished with influences from around the world. 

Bas van Kranen, the head chef at Bord’Eau, employs the finest ingredients and creates clean, natural, and real flavors in the menu. The dishes are complemented further by the world’s finest wines.

Bord’Eau lies in the Europa Hotel and has spectacular canal views. It got a Michelin star almost as soon it started its operation.

Ciel Bleu

Ciel Bleu was once the only two-starred Michelin restaurant in Amsterdam, but despite a few others joining recently, it is still highly sought after by diners. Ciel Bleu is one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants, combining stunning views with delectable cuisine.

Ciel Bleu, nestled on the 23rd level of the charming Hotel Okura, serves delectable world cuisine in an exquisite setting. To create gastronomic wonders, chefs Arjan Speelman and Onno Kokmeijer use fresh and locally sourced ingredients. If you set your foot here, then food is sure to be one of the highlights of your vacation combined with superb service.

De Kas

De Kas has been wowing guests and critics alike for over fifteen years. It nestles in a greenhouse that originally belonged to Amsterdam’s Municipal Nursery and dates back to 1926.

The restaurant’s unusual setting and contemporary interior design provide a lovely natural environment, which is further accentuated by the light that floods in through the glass ceiling. The restaurant’s adjacent farm grows organic fresh greens and herbs, and the ever-changing menu consists of five dishes devised by chefs Wim de Beer and Jos Timmer. 

De Kas lies close to the lovely Park Frankendael, a former 17th-century country estate. It is one of the locations to see and be seen in Amsterdam.


The Michelin-starred Vinkeles, named after the Dutch painter, nestles in the ultra-chic Dylan hotel, in a structure that was once a Catholic Church’s 18th-century bakery.

The original ovens are still present in the interior design, as are other elements from the restaurant’s previous past. The deliciously innovative menu created by head chef Dennis Kuipers and chef de cuisine Jurgen van der Zalm delivers delicate French cuisine that straddles the line between traditional and contemporary.

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The one-Michelin-star Restaurant Vermeer is housed in the famous NH Collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace hotel and is named after a Dutch artist.

The crisp and bold flavors that await are perfectly complemented by the modest and beautiful décor. Chef de cuisine Christopher Naylor has devised dishes that have received critical acclaim. The menu here flaunts fresh ingredients from local farmers as well as organic veggies grown on the restaurant’s roof garden. The restaurant would have appealed to its namesake, Johannes Vermeer, who was highly known for his expertise and precision in his profession, much like the restaurant.

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