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A Local Restaurant to Make You Fall in Love With Paris Again

A Local Restaurant to Make You Fall in Love With Paris Again

Located in the famous neighbourhood of Montmartre where artists such as Picasso and Dalí used to live.

Bouillon Pigalle restaurant opened its doors back in the 19 Century, at that time, a butcher shop called “ Duval ” inaugurated an establishment serving its slow-cooked meat pieces in various ways and their broth. Serving high-quality dishes made by honest and fresh ingredients as well as a sweet addition, ensuring the success of this place. Then the Bouillon was born.

Back to the past, this house was popular among all the famous artists and art students that lived in Montmartre. Today, this home of traditions inspires a new table: the Bouillon Pigalle, hosting two floors, with a capacity of 200 indoor seats and 100 on the balcony.

The entrance of Bouillon Pigalle with its famous logo.

Using Only fresh ingredients bought on a daily basis, being masters and good at making and improving their original recipes with their affordable prices, make this place THE BEST PLACE to taste and enjoy the real French Gastronomy in the entire country.

They are very proud of what they serve, having such a professional personnel that know the menu by heart and all the secret ingredients.

These succulents and flavoured dishes of French food made by big portions of love, make you forget the time no matter how busy your agenda is, once you are in Paris you want to visit this place even though no reservation can be made, and the waiting queue can last hours. Yes, hours!!!

We arrived at the queue and there was already a large number of people queuing being us the last couple that arrived, a few minutes later, I could hardly see the last person on the queue.

Les oeufs mayo “Mayo eggs” won the prize of the best mayo eggs in the world. 

We were about to give up and try something else since our waiting time was reaching 3 hours in the cold weather outside, however, we could see what was coming to the tables from the windows. It looked exquisite and appetising so we decided to wait a bit more.

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Their menu cards are in several languages which makes it easier for all the guest that can’t speak English nor French.

Traditional dishes made by masters of the French gastronomy in a very enchanting environment, made everyone lick their fingers once your dish is in your stomach.

Bouillon Pigalle is a place worths queueing for in the cold weather, even for 5hours…

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