Are These Cola Brands Better than Coca-Cola & Pepsi?

Everyone knows Coca Cola and Pepsi; however, most people don’t know how did these two popular soft drinks were created or by whom.

Cola is a carbonated and sweetened soft drink flavoured with citrus oils, vanilla, and other flavours; it contains caffeine originally obtained from the Kola nut, leading to this drink’s naming.

A bit of history

Coca Cola was invented by the pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886. However, the recipe that was invented by the pharmacist Angelo Mariani of the Coca Wine was what inspired John to create Coca Cola. The wine recipe contained cocaine, and so far, there is no evidence that John used to add cocaine to his soft drink or not since the big brand never mentioned anything about it.

The only thing we know is that Coca Wine’s sales decreased and was nearly disappearing because of the fear of drug abuse.

Nowadays, both Coca Cola and Pepsi are the two most popular brands, and they have been competing since 1893; while being in a cold war with each other, smaller premium Cola brands are taking over the market share and people’s hearts.

Even though these two Cola giants have been in the market for centuries worldwide, using all kinds of ways to compete. Pepsi has been doing blind testing in most countries, trying to convince you they better than Coca Cola, forgetting about other brands that are growing and conquering the market.

Royal Crown

This is another old, historical Cola beverage invented by the pharmacist, Mr Claud A. Hatcher, back in 1905 in the Southern part of the US, only a few years after the two Cola giants were invented. Nowadays, the Royal Crown is sold in more than 70 countries worldwide, and the most curious thing about this Cola is that in countries like the Czech Republic or Slovakia you can only find this brand in most of the restaurants, bars and coffee shops, where no Coca Cola or Pepsi are served.

We were surprised and impressed every time we entered a place and ordered a Coca Cola or Pepsi, we got the answer “Sorry, We don’t serve any of these two brands” then we got one bottle of Royal Crown.

Royal Crown Cola Advert in the Czech Republic where the brand is more popular than Pepsi & Coca-Cola.


This was a small idea that 2 friends got while drinking a Cola, and they thought, “it can be done better!” They gathered a few thousand Euros, a lot of determination and their biggest desire of creating something better than the two famous Cola brands that we all know.  One day back in 2003, the big German Cola called, Fritz-kola was created.

Fritz-Cola is getting so popular, because European people like to consume European products, knowing that Europe has probably the best and honest products, as well as knowing that there are more than 175 million German speakers globally. The German language is the official language in nearly 6 European countries, making these countries’ total population nearly reach 109,5 million citizens.

This brand became so big and popular in these nations, to the point that you can see it everywhere, including buses and Football fields. Germany has one of the biggest and the best Football teams globally, which could be a big threat for Coca Cola and Pepsi.

How Fritz-Kola, a beverage venture started by two German students, became a competitor of Coca-Cola.

Franklin & Sons

Franklin & Sons is a British brand that was created in 1886 founded by 3 brothers, George, Frederick and Albert, who quickly established themselves as experts in making high-quality refreshments. Franklin & Sons are famous for being a premium range of crafted soft drinks. It is sold in all posh pubs, high-end places, 5 stars hotels and all over the UK. Now you can easily find it everywhere since it is available in over 42 different countries.

Franklin & Sons is full of uniqueness, the rich flavours and the use of pure ingredients from around the world in their Cola and soft drinks, by using spicy sweetness from 12 different herbs, rich Columbian coffee beans and the rose-like aromas of the African Kola nut.

If Coca Cola or Pepsi are your favourite “soft drink” – these premium brands could probably change your mind.

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