Authentic Spanish Sangría Recipe

Spanish Sangria is a must-have for any evening soirée that you are planning to host. With its fruity texture, the drink preps up your mood while also imparting a mood lift to your wasted existence. Here is how you can make it in a zap.


  • One lemon
  • One orange
  • One cup orange juice and/or lemon soda
  • One lime
  • One and half cup rum or gin
  • Two spoons of sugar
  • 750 ml Red Wine
  • A Mix of Fresh fruits (apple and peach)


  1. We told you it’s going to happen is a zap didn’t we. Here it goes.
  2. All you need to do is make sure that each and every ingredient in the above list is chilled and refrigerated. But obviously not sugar.
  3. Now take them out of the fridge and get the best fruit knife you can find. Slice the orange, lime and the fruits into thin delicate round pieces and place them in a small glass pitcher. Add the rum, sugar and red wine. Now whisk away. First step done. Oh! and we have almost reached the end. We told you it’s easy, remember.
  4. Now place it in the refrigerator and allow it to chill for two hours. The flavors of the rum or gin and wine need to interact and make matrimony with the flavours of the citric fruits for the real magic to develop.
  5. After two hours, remove the drink from the refrigerator and get a flat bottomed crusher to crush the fruits at the bottom to a finer paste. Stir again. Or just add it to a bottle and shake, shake, shake. There. You are done.
Chef Antonio Rossi

Antonio Rossi is an experienced Chef from one of the world's most beautiful places, Sicily, Italy. Chef Antonio spent plenty of his childhood with his granny in the kitchen, and that's how he discovered his love and passion for food. Chef Antonio worked in some of the most awarded restaurants and hotels in London, Paris and New York. Chef Antonio is committed to sharing his easy & quick recipes with you to help you get a beautiful approach to gastronomy.