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Beach Club & Restaurant with Views to Gibraltar & Morocco

Beach Club & Restaurant with Views to Gibraltar & Morocco

bono Beach marbella

Humble Restaurant & Beach Club in Marbella

With a sandy beach and stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea spiced up with views of Gibraltar and Morocco. Bono Beach offers a perfect setting for your next day at the beach. Costa del Sol offers a lot of Beach Clubs, Chiringuito’s and Restaurants close to the beach, and Bono Beach Marbella is of one the humble ones that dosen’t boast to much or compete with the many famous beach clubs that are more night clubs in daylight than tranquilo beach clubs where you can go and spend a day with your loved ones or the family.

Surrounded by party pumping and champaign showering competitors like Nikki Beach, Ocean Beach Club and Playa Padre within 15 minutes drive from Bono Beach, you’ll end up having a more relaxed day with live music and refreshments at your Balinese Sunbed on the beach with live music and a good restaurant to weight out the sunny tipsyness and tranquilamente moments.

Just a Little Summer

From White Summer Parties to Cosy Beach Clubs

Marbella offers all the colours and the nuances in between your colour deck when it comes to summer time, parties or simple relaxing in the sun with luxury services and treatments. So you’ll for sure find a suitable place to spend your days around Marbella all year round. Bono Beach gives you a Dj and live music to keep you entertained during lunch and throughout the afternoon, without the feeling of being at champaign throwing beach party.

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Sea, Air, Sun & Food

Bono Beach have a well served and tasting international menu. ​With years of experience in catering for parties, the Bono Beach chefs will tailor your menu. The use quality ingredients and charming presentation. Start with a champagne or cava canapé reception, a three-course meal including fresh baked breads, aioli and olives, or a buffet, drinks packages included and many options to add on.

A Good Choice if Looking for a Cosy Beach Club

You’ll most likely NOT leave disappointed, nor will you not be amazed by extraordinary luxury or party all day, but BONO Beach deliver a confident beach experience in bliss, just enough of all the good to make BONO Beach worth the visit. After avoiding at visit to BONO Beach for more than 5 years, the humble appearance from outside is compensated by more than a good day hidden in the oasis of the Marbella Coastline away from the famous beach clubs attracting to many guests for having a cosy day at the beach.

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