Blackberry Mojito Cocktail

A Blackberry Mojito is a crisp, cool and refreshing drink that is ideal for summers. It is extremely simple to make and is a delight to the taste buds. You can enjoy this drink solo or quickly fix up a round for your friends and have a party! This recipe also doubles as a Mocktail recipe, if you just skip the rum.

Ingredients to prepare 1 serving of a Blackberry Mojito:

1) 6 blackberries (and more if you want to garnish).

2) 8 mint leaves.

3) 2 teaspoons of sugar.

4) 3 lime wedges.

5) 3 ounces (ca. 89 ml) of club soda.

6) 2 ounces (ca. 59 ml) of light rum.

7) Mint sprig and lime slices for garnish.

Step-by-step guide on making a Blackberry Mojito:

Step 1: Empty 6 blackberries, torn mint leaves, lime wedges and sugar into an old-fashioned glass. Muddle it well and make sure that the fruits are crushed and the sugar has completely dissolved.

Step 2: Pour the rum into this mixture.

Step 3: Fill up the remaining space with ice cubes and add club soda.

Step 4: To garnish, add blackberries, lime wedges and a mint sprig. Serve cold.

There you have it! Enjoy making your own Blackberry Mojito Cocktail at home!

Chef Zoe

Zoe Williams is a British Chef who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu London. Zoe worked as a Sous-Chef in a few restaurants in Tokyo and Dubai, and now she is ready to start her new journey as a Chef and the leading team of a brand new restaurant in Doha, Qatar.