Blossom – Probably the Best Place to Taste Contemporary Cuisine in Málaga

Blossom is a small but extraordinary restaurant located in the heart of the city of Málaga in Spain. Surrounded by many excellent restaurants that have been opened for more than six or seven decades, Blossom managed to stand out in the crowd and gain an excellent reputation among gastronomy lovers and seekers in only a few months since its opening.

Blossom is a beautiful, elegant and cosy place where the kitchen is the bar counter itself. Yes, if you sit at the bar counter and order a drink, you will see all the “work area” and witness how all the chef’s masterpieces are created.

The owner and person behind Blossom is actually a big chef with many awards and a long journey and history in the gourmet field. Chef Emiliano Schobert is originally from Argentina, a country with one of the most delicious and outstanding gastronomies globally.

Chef Emil won the Bocuse d’Or in 2015 and 2019.

The Bocuse d’Or is a biennial world chef championship. Named for the chef Paul Bocuse, the event takes place for two days near the end of January in Lyon, France, is one of the world’s most prestigious cooking competitions. Chef Emil also owns an Obrador Culinary School in his home country, Argentina, where some of the best future Chefs learn the Haute Cuisine and Culinary Art. However, anyone who loves great food is also welcome to learn all the secrets that Chef Emil is delighted to share.

At Blossom, there is a constant festive of flavours. The menu is constantly changing according to what mother earth gifts us. The constant evolution of Blossom’s food depends purely on the temporality of the local market’s products. Meaning that you will always get surprised by tasting and discovering new dishes and savours every time you go to Blossom.

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If you are a person who loves Haute cuisine, culinary art, high-quality gourmet restaurants, luxury food and ingredients, then Blossom is your place when you visit Málaga. Or why don’t you even fly to Blossom and experience an explosive bomb full of flavours?

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