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Café de Picasso, Lyngby, Copenhagen

Café de Picasso, Lyngby, Copenhagen


A Hallucinating Food Experience

Café de Picasso in the northern suburb of Copenhagen, Lyngby, seems to be a nice place for a good lunch or a cup of coffee if you have plenty of time to be ignored after being seated. The reviews are mixed and you’d probably be better of with a lottery ticket if you’re looking for an extraordinary food experience in Lyngby.

A visit to Starbucks or the lounge vibe at Joe & The Juice, is a safer bet for a good coffee or fancy sandwich – giving you at least 3 better options nearby.

Though Café de Picasso has appealing pictures of promising Café burgers and gourmet plates, you’ll need a very hungry stomach and fully booked restaurants around you to nurse your hunger and feel some kind of satisfaction, but you will at least leave without being hungry or thirsty. Using your patience to find another restaurant in nearby towns will give you a more pleasant food experience.

Staff, Customer Service & Food Quality

After visiting Café de Picasso in Lyngby, The Gastro Magazine reviewers Olivia and Filippa experienced a lack of fresh food and ingredients. While being left waiting while the staff were more busy talking and drinking cokes than making sure their guests got attention or served, made the overall experience of visiting the once well rated and reviewed Café a less recommendable choice.

When extraordinary service at a restaurant from time to time can shadow away a poor or bad food experiences, Café de Picasso was not able to cover the bad food experience with any impactful customer services, hopefully a later visit will show whether or not this Café was once a “loved” place by the local students.

Meanwhile Café de Picasso work on a better experience for their customers, here’s 3 alternatives in Copenhagen with extraordinary and memorable food experiences.

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Can Live Music and Fresh Drinks save Picasso?

Fresh drinks and cold refreshing beers from the Spanish region combined with live Music could might ending up saving the experience if you’re there to have a drink with your friends or have a tipsy afternoon. At least señor Picasso will feel home enjoying one of his local beers from his home country with Señor San Miguel.

At least, more than hundred years of brewing beers for the Spanish population, San Miguel or a local Danish pilsner will help you see Café de Picasso with different eyes and maybe fall in love with it after sipping a few beers. A phenomena well explained by the Danish brewery Tuborg with this TV ad back in 1994 in the video below.

Tuborg Commercial – Hallucination

Café de Picasso Location

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