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Citrus Olive Oil Cake Recipe

Citrus Olive Oil Cake Recipe

Lemony Olive Oil Cake Recipe.

Olive oil tops the list of cooking oils that promote and enrich your health. Remember the last time you substituted it in your favorite guilty pleasure to make sure it is at least a little bit healthier than it was before? Well, we have another recipe for you. This one is infamous for being labeled as a bad caloric addition to your diet but worry not. Keep calm and eat cake. Or more precisely, keep calm and eat olive oil cake. Yes, you can make one with olive oil. Wonderful, isn’t it! So, here are the details.


  • Fresh olive oil or extra virgin olive oil – Olive oil shall be your substitute for butter. The good thing about it is that you do not need to wait for it to melt down to room temperature so that you can start whisking. Olive oil, like butter, stays in the liquid state by default.
  • Cake flour or all-purpose flour – We recommend you pick a flour that is good for your gut instead of the normal conventional flour type. This could be ragi flour or coarse arrowroot flour.
  • Sugar additive – Use fructose-based sugar instead of sucrose ones. Even better, use jaggery.
  • Lemon zest – For flavor and that touch of zing
  • Baking powder – to puff up that little piece of goodness so that it’s fluffy like a sponge.


  • Take a big glass bowl and add sieved dollops of cake flour to it. Make it two to three cups if it’s a serving for two.
  • Add three to four tablespoons of olive oil and a sugar additive as amiable to your taste buds. Low sugar is always welcome but so is the desire to eat a sugar snack generously loaded with sucrose.
  • Use a whisking spatula or a whisking machine to create a viscous mix with a honey-like consistency. Add flour in case the mix gets thinner. To thicken it, add water.
  • Continue whisking for ten to twenty minutes. The more you whisk, the fluffier the cake.
  • Now add half a teaspoon of baking powder to the mixture and whisk again in the same direction as before.
  • Finally, add the lemon zest and pour the mix into an olive oil glazed cake tin. Bake for twenty to thirty minutes. Serve cold.
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