DeLafée – Chocolate & Gold Obsession.

DeLafée is founded in 2004 by Sébastien Jeanneret, DeLafée is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The company’s very first luxury article was to reflect two strong local traditions: Chocolate and gold.

DeLafée’s chocolates are adorned with the most luxurious edible Gold.

DeLafée Presentation video using 24 Karat Gold leaves.

DeLafée developed a wide range of other gourmet products featuring edible Gold-Leaves and Gold Flakes, among which you will find shimmering Champagne, Gold Lollipops, Tea and Cigars.

One of the high-end Chocolates created by DeLafée is The Gold Swiss Chocolate Box with Swiss Antique Collectible Gold Coin.

24 Karat Gold Chocolate Box with Antique Swiss Gold Coin.

The classic DeLafée Gold Chocolate comes with a collectable Gold coin from the Swiss central bank: Swiss Vreneli Francs 10. The coins are from the years 1910 to 1922.

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