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Five Exotic Ways to Drink Champagne

Five Exotic Ways to Drink Champagne

Exotic Ways to Enjoy Champagne.

Surprise your guests by serving them with some best champagne options that they have ever had. It is the exclusiveness and transformative nature that makes champagne the best choice for all exotic alcoholic drinks. Keeping the measurements balanced and choosing the right and most complimenting ingredients will allow you to prepare some mind-blowing champagne drinks. Here, we shall highlight five exotic ways to drink champagne. 

  • Godiva chocolate champagne – Chocolate and champagne! Do they go with each other? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. The recipe of Godiva and chocolate champagne is the best to set the party mood flowing for all your guests. 2oz of Godiva vodka with champagne and dark chocolate are the ideal ingredients for the preparation of a champagne drink that is different from the usual ones. The coming together of these three amazing ingredients proves to be an exotic way to drink champagne at a special event. 
  • Rum and Champagne – Another tempting and exotic way to drink champagne is to team it up with rum and cola. The flavor of rum and cola lends a unique taste while retaining the originality of the champagne throughout. This is the most fun way of celebrating your love for rum and champagne at the same time. The exotic cocktail will light the right spirit that is needed to drench in the moment of pleasure and happiness. 
  •  Mix Blue Curacao and pineapple juice with your favorite champagne – Your guests will fall for this striking and appealing cocktail recipe. The pineapple juice and Blue Curacao needs to be mixed first in a shaker with some ice in it. The mixture then goes into the glass. Add slices of lemon and pineapple for garnishing. Pour in your champagne to create the top-most exotic level to the drink. It’s easy and mind-blowing. 

All-time favorites 

  • Classic Champagne Cocktail – Certain recipes bear an exoticness of their own. It is best to leave the same to retain the originality and essence. One such exotic champagne cocktail is the classic champagne cocktail. Just keep in mind that there are certain tips that experts stress to come up with the best form of this cocktail. Just a little homework can make you prepare the best classic champagne cocktail for your happy gathering. 
  • Champagne Margarita – If you are planning to throw a party to celebrate an occassion, you can treat your friends with this amazing and exotic cocktail recipe of champagne. It is for that extra punch that you may need to loosen up properly. White Tequila and Brut Champagne are the key ingredients for this. First, pour tequila with some triple sec and lime juice into the shaker and give a nice mix. Now also add the champagne and just slowly shake for twice. Your Champagne Margarita is ready!

There are numerous ways in which you can enjoy your favorite champagne. Also, there are endless exotic items that you can punch in with your champagne. From chocolate to fruits to wine to vodka to rum, add all to explore exotic ways to drink champagne. Then, try out your exotic combination to come with the best and most striking and exotic champagne cocktails. The range of experiments is vast with champagne, which makes it such a beloved drink all over!

Champagne Cocktails by The Bonneeville Cocktail Collection

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