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Five Must-Try Cuban Dishes

Five Must-Try Cuban Dishes

Describing the Cuban Gastronomy.

Depicting a significant influence from Africa, Spain, and the Caribbean islands, Cuban gastronomy uses ingredients like sweet potato and yucca. This gastronomy is exceptionally delicious and comes loaded with fresh citrus fruits and flavoursome rice and meat, which is enough to make your taste buds tickle. Want to know what food from Cuban cuisine you should try? This article covers it all for you.

People Try Cuban Food for the First Time


A viral soup from the Cuban cuisine, Ajiaco, is made with flavoursome pork or beef. It is accompanied by lots of corn, bananas, tasty yams, and the ethnic flavours of yucca. It is mainly served as a celebration of the famous festival of San Juan and is the perfect dish for you if you are in for some classic Cuban food.

Ropa Vieja

Do you like tomato-based curries, which are always loaded with flavour? If your answer is yes, then Ropa Vieja is a tasty dish from Cuba that you must try! Packed with sweet plantains, shredded beef, and lots of onions, garlic, and bell paper, this dish is cooked in wine. This dish will be served to you with local flavoursome rice, and it is such a comfort food!


Love simple food? Why not try Picadillo! It is one of the classic dishes of Cuban cuisine, and you can taste a lot of authentic Cuban flavours in this dish. From oregano to bay leaf, this dish uses all the spices in an outstanding balance to hero the main ingredient: ground beef.


A fan of desserts? Try out flan then! It is a highly delicious Cuban dessert where the dessert is prepared in condensed milk and not your regular fresh milk. You ask why? Because condensed milk will make the flan creamier and tastier, of course! Enriched with the flavour of caramel and vanilla, you can end your lunch with a perfect taste!

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Cuban Coffee

A visit to Cuba and not taste their coffee? Well, then your trip might be incomplete! Cuba specializes in a robust flavoured coffee, which you can have with milk. But if you prefer the rich aroma and taste of strong coffee, then put the milk aside and enjoy the Cuban coffee. It is by far one of the most sought-after sippers in Cuba.

These are only a few of the delicacies that you will get in Cuba. Their rich culture is depicted in their cuisine, and this cuisine is not one to disappoint you. So get going to this fantastic island and enjoy the food!

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