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Five Reasons to Go on a Picnic

Five Reasons to Go on a Picnic

When the temperatures are suitable, the spiring and summer weekends are made for picnics and spend the day our to enjoy a great time with people we love. We like to take out the basket as soon as possible and fill it with delicious food to enjoy in the open air and appreciate nature.

5 Reasons to start enjoying picnics more often


Sometimes, it is unnecessary to go very far; the beautiful places can be a few steps from us. If you have a park at the back of your house or in your neighbourhood, plan a morning of recreation. Why not prepare breakfast with a hot coffee or tea, various fruits, cheeses, and some bread and cupcakes to savour.

Going on a date

Organising a special picnic can be very romantic and will definitely help you make the other person feel unique as this can be a different type of date to impress your date. Be creative!

Quality-time in family

One of the enjoyable things that a family can do is enjoying picnics from time to time, especially for small kids. A nice blanket, a nice basket to carry the food and the kids’ favourite snacks is a very nice way to spend time together.

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Work picnic

Who said working has to be boring? There are times when we can work while we appreciate a little fresh air. Take the opportunity to bring a healthy and nutritious salad, some seasonal strawberries and a tablecloth to place on the lawn or the table. There are times when doing it for yourself is a nice gift.

To appreciate nature

If you are a lover of outdoor life and exercise, what better way than to do both at the same time. It is perfect to carry a basket with your favourite food and a good book to read during the day, take advantage of going out with friends or family, and why not practicing some yoga.

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