Food Markets & Street Halls in New York

New York is a city that other cities can only dream of being…

We know how much you love food markets and street food halls, we love them too. New York is a unique place on earth, people from all nationalities can be found in New York, and this is what makes this metropolis be very popular, rich and full of diversities.

When we talk about diversities we also include gastronomies. The best things about mixing cultures are that you get to know and discover new languages, traditions and also flavours. Imagine how lucky you could be if you had the chance to taste the food you like, or dishes from different cuisines in your city, as well as fresh and unique recipes. You can only get all this in a big city like New York, where different cultures meet each other. However, food markets are even a better idea, because you literally have it all in one place.

Watch DennisCallan’s video exploring the different gastronomies in the Chelsea Market – New York.

You can enjoy all these food experiences without the need of making a reservation in one place only or trying just one type of cuisine. You can basically jump from one continent to another to delight your palate.

Food markets that are a must in your visit to New York:

  • Chelsea Market
  • Gansevoort Market
  • Urbanspace Vanderbilt
  • Smorgasburg
  • DeKalb Market Hall
  • Canal Street Market in Chinatown
  • Gotham West Market
Watch Fung Bors’ video trying different cuisines in Essex Market – The oldest food market in New York.

New York is full of food markets with international cuisines, street halls with fresh veggies and fruits, fast food places, coffee shops and ice-cream shops.

In some markets you will also find bars where you can get home-made beers and wines, as well as, stands for people with food intolerances. Vegan and vegetarians are very welcomed since they can find plenty of options for them too.

Emma Born

The woman behind TheGastroMagazine, chief editor, food lover, polyglot, aviator and a globetrotter. Emma enjoys Moroccan, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Caribbean food a lot. Cheese & chocolate are her biggest addictions. However, she is really considering becoming Vegan one day.