Great Department Stores to Buy Gourmet Food in London

Where to Buy Gourmet Food in London?

London has a host of options when it comes to gourmet food. From upscale restaurants to food halls, the food enthusiasts can try delicious speciality foods and re-imagined local favourites. There is a long history of food halls in Britain. The food halls usually serve as a crossover between farmer’s markets and gourmet restaurants. They are different from regular department stores because they serve artisanal food products, chef-recommended products, superior quality food items and gourmet versions of local delicacies. 

Department Stores that Serve Gourmet Food in London


The first Selfridges in London was opened in London 1909 by an American entrepreneur called Harry Gordon Selfridge. Since then, it has become a London landmark and is widely considered one of the city’s finest departmental stores. The store offers a wide range of delicacies, including scrumptious handcrafted cupcakes by Lola’s kitchen and the finest gelato ice cream from Oddono’s. In addition, the ground floor of Selfridges keeps updating itself with speciality food items, like black pizza, luxury seafood, and caviars. There is also a ramen noodle bar called Tonkatsu, which offers the best Japanese noodle dishes.


Harrods was first established as a wholesale grocery and tea shop in 1834 in East London. The Harrods Food Hall was introduced to the Londoners in 1982, with seven halls decorated with ornate displays and painted ceilings. The halls have 18 departments dedicated to selling a wide array of cheeses, chocolates, charcuterie, pastries, tea and wines. In addition, one can enjoy oysters in the seafood room or try French baked goods at Ladurée. The halls also house the famous Petri Bistro by chef Galvin Demoiselle.

Fortnum & Mason

In 1707, William Fortnum and Hugh Mason established Fortnum & Mason as a grocery store in London. Since then, it has become an iconic British brand by evolving into a luxury department store. It is a must-go destination for food enthusiasts who wish to savour the delicacies offered in its food hall. Fortnum & Mason has different floors dedicated to speciality foods, groceries and gifts. The halls are adorned with chandeliers, a beautiful art collection and a fancy winding staircase. The gourmet food items are displayed on cherry-wood stands, while caviar and truffles are arranged in a humidity-controlled cabinet. The store also offers dry-aged Scottish beef. However, they are most well-known for their tea and coffee collections, besides chocolates, marmalades, and food hamper baskets. Fortnum & Mason also houses a wine department, besides The Parlour’s eatery, which sells Yorkshire Moors Grouse, Baronscourt Estate venison and sandwiches.

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is a modern and chic department store in London, offering breathtaking views of the London skyline. The store specialises in gourmet delicacies and the newest food trends like organic juices and bubble tea. The food hall offers an ambience similar to a high-end restaurant, with eateries like Korubuta, specialising in Japanese delicacies, and Burger & Lobster.

Melrose and Morgan

This is a grocery shop in London that offers freshly prepared dishes, quality ingredients and artisanal products. Melrose and Morgan have two locations in the city, Primrose Hill and Hampstead. The majority of the products are made in-house by the chefs, and almost all items are made with local produce. The store has various gourmet food options, organic meats, handmade chocolates, and a variety of preserves.

Chef Mark Dubois

Mark Dubois grew up in a tiny village in the South of France where fresh ingredients, traditional recipes, and fantastic french wines are present in every house and corner. Chef Mark is specialised in Mediterranean Gastronomies, but he is more passionate about baking. Chef Mark is currently working as a hosted Chef in different restaurants around Europe.