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Healthy Detox Smoothie Recipe

Healthy Detox Smoothie Recipe

Detox smoothie is the new hip health drink for fitness freaks and gut health enthusiasts. Here is an easy recipe to get you that shot of energy and gut happiness in one glass of pure goodness.


  • Yoghurt – One cup
  • One green Vegetable – Choose the one that you love to eat the most. Make sure it’s loaded with fibre. We advise you to avoid peppers since they are not as nutritionally sound like their counterparts.
  • One herb – Things work great with Basil; oregano fresh-picked leaves, Mint or Cilantro. Stronger and intense smelling herbs should be added in pinches, while you can put in a generous amount if you are taking one with undertones flavours.
  • A fruit or gur – This adds the necessary sweetness to the weird taste that might not appeal to your taste buds. If you are a newcomer to the healthy smoothie gang, add more of healthy sugars. Make sure you don’t add artificially processed sugar.
  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Coconut milk
  • Garnish – Coconut scrapes or Coconut cream works wonders


  1. Wash and clean all the ingredients.
  2. Remember that the fresher the ingredients, the better the smoothie.
  3. Now add all of them to a juicer and grind them until it starts having a viscous gooey texture. In case it turns watery, add some more yoghurt or coconut milk or maybe just throw in a few more blueberries.
  4. Grind away to perfection. Now pour the juice into a storage bottle and store it in the refrigerator for 15 mins.
  5. Serve chilled with coconut scrapings.
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