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How To Choose The Best Green Tea?

How To Choose The Best Green Tea?

How to choose the best green tea

Green tea is, without a doubt, one of the most popular teas today. People’s preferences have moved towards healthy food products. Green tea is a tea that offers many health benefits. This has even made some coffee drinkers gravitate toward tea.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of green tea, you can start drinking this tea today. If you don’t know how to choose the best green tea, go through the guidelines below. Follow the guidelines to select a great green tea you can enjoy and benefit from.

Choosing The Best Green Tea

  1. Check the origin of the tea before buying. You could buy a local product that may not be authentic green tea. Find out the source of green tea before you buy it. Check out if the tea leaves are organic. Also, do some homework on the seller. The producer’s manufacturing practices must be ascertained before buying green tea.
  2. Choose whole-leaf green tea. You can pick loose-leaf green tea, the best tea type. Young tea leaves are selected that have a superior flavor and taste. Always prefer whole or loose-leaf tea since you can get the best quality.
  3. A popular choice when it comes to tea is tea bags. Most people prefer to use tea bags to make tea. The problem with tea bags is that they have dust or fannings that are tea-leaf rejects. Some of the essential tea oils may be lost in tea bags. This is why you should avoid tea bags instead of whole-leaf teas.
  4. Always buy fresh green tea. You may tend to stock up a lot when you buy green tea from a store. The problem is that you miss the expiry date and consume old tea. The expiry date printed also can be misleading since the date the leaf was picked different from the manufacturing date. This is why you should always buy fresh green tea.
  5. The main health benefit of tea comes from its antioxidant content. Check the level of antioxidants before you buy.
  6. You are buying green tea because of its health benefits. So, avoid green tea with added sugars. It adds calories and is a problem if you have diabetes.
  7. Try to choose the first harvest tea. Tea made from the first harvest would taste the best. Check the product description and try to get the first harvest tea.

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