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How to Choose the Best Ground Coffee?

How to Choose the Best Ground Coffee?

How to choose the best ground coffee

Wondering how to choose the best ground coffee so you can enjoy a delicious cup of your favourite morning drink? Some people are quick to point out that they do not like coffee as it is too tart, bitter, or tasteless. However, it’s possible that they are still learning how to make a delicious coffee in the right manner. Even seasoned coffee gourmet aficionados and coffee lovers may feel off track for a while if they get hold of the incorrect type of coffee beans.

3 Tips to Choosing the Best Ground Coffee

1. Robusta or Arabica

All types of ground coffee in grocery stores are sourced from two types of coffee trees. These are Robusta or Arabica, and you can choose any one of them based on your preferences.

Robusta does not need any kind of special conditions for its cultivation. The coffee can adjust to the temperature and weather changes very easily. It has round beans, has a bitter flavour, and includes plenty of caffeine.

On the other hand, Arabica happens to be more capricious. The beans are longer, having intense flavour, sweetish, and noble. The taste is an exquisite blend of slight sourness and bitterness.

Very frequently, coffee producers mix Robusta and Arabica. However, 100 per cent Arabica happens to be the best type of coffee. At the same time, we should also mention that Arabica may smell and taste differently even when cultivated on neighbouring plantations or in different nations.

2. Selecting the proper roast level 

The unique flavour is because of the way the coffee beans are roasted. The proportion of essential oils available within the coffee bean is also responsible for the flavour apart from their release during the roasting process.

The beverage’s aroma and flavour are based on the kind of coffee but also the roasting level of beans. The details can be seen on the package through figures. While 1 refers to light roast, the number 5 means dark roast. Every person has a different preference for the coffee’s roast level.

3. The first impression is crucial 

The packaging of coffee is a major indicator of quality. That’s because the aroma and the flavour of the coffee have a couple of foes. These are oxygen and light that destroy the coffee beans’ finest qualities.

A real coffee gourmet would not purchase their coffee from containers that are not closed. It is because months and weeks of storage can destroy coffee. The coffee can become lifeless and faded and also lose its authentic flavour and aroma.

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Coffee packaging has to be air-tight and should constitute 3-layered oil paper featuring a valve. That’s to enable you to smell the coffee and to allow the carbon monoxide that is emitted in the beans’ roasting process to move out.

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