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How To Choose The Best Rosé Wine?

How To Choose The Best Rosé Wine?

How to Choose the Best Rosé Wine?

The summers are on and the best way to relax in this scorching heat is with a glass of rosé wine. In other words, rosé wine can be a loyal friend in the warm summer evenings and afternoons. However, are you aware of how to choose the best rosé wine? The article intends to guide you on this.

So, we will now move on to the topic you are really keen to know. Check out the diverse ways of choosing a good quality rosé wine.

Choose the Best Rosé in Three Steps:

1. Select the rosé wine based on when you want to drink it

There is a common misconception that rosé wine is simply an aperitif wine. However, its color will actually tell you the type you should choose. Are you looking for a rosé wine for your aperitif? Or, would you prefer to have one by the swimming pool in the afternoon? You should then opt for a light color rosé wine. Mostly, clear rosé wines have a delicious fruity taste and the alcohol content is very low. These are light wines and are easier to drink.

However, if you want to relish your rosé wine while having your dinner, go for a dark color wine. You need to remember though that dark rosés are usually stronger wines. These are great to have with your meals. Also, dark rosé wines are more full-bodied and tannic.

2. Select your rosé wine according to its origin

You may also choose a rosé origin based on the location of its origin. For instance, aperitif wines are usually clear and are from Languedoc or Provence. These wines have a fruity taste and are light. The more full-bodied and tannic rosé wines belong to regions, such as Rhone Valley, Bergerac, or Bordeaux.

3. Select a rosé wine according to your palate

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It is another important criterion to choose a rosé wine. However, how do you determine whether a particular rosé wine will be according to your taste or not? Do not worry, as its color will give you indications. If the color of the wine is light, the wine will not be tannic and light. It will have an exotic fruity flavor and a floral feel. You will find this feature in a majority of rose wines that belong to Provence.

On the other hand, a dark-colored rosé wine has a stronger and more pronounced taste on your palate. These wines come in strawberry, red fruit, and blackcurrant flavors. The wine’s color will also give an indication of the varieties of grapes used for making the rosé wine.

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