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How To Choose The Best White Tea

How To Choose The Best White Tea

How To Choose The Best White Tea

White tea is a rare type of tea. Not only is it full of flavors, but it has many health benefits. An interesting fact about white tea is that it comes from the same plant as green and black tea.

White tea is mainly produced in China in the Fujian area. To enjoy this refreshing tea, you need to buy the best quality white tea. The guidelines given below will help you choose the best white tea.

7 Tips To Choose The Best White Tea

  1. Silver needle is the best type of white tea. If you want top-quality silver needle tea, check its appearance. It must have white hair and plump buds in it.
  2. The appearance of the tea leaves is essential. Look for tea leaves that look good.
  3. The following criteria in selecting white tea is the scent of the leaves. You must be able to discern a fresh scent from the leaves. This is the best indicator of its freshness. If you don’t get any scent, the leaves may be dry, or there may be issues with the storage. To check for the scent, place some tea leaves in a teapot that has been heated. You will be able to detect the scent.
  4. The flavor is a key in choosing white tea. A sweet taste marks white tea. The sweetness is not overwhelming but is very light. The white tea you buy should have this sweet taste. If the tea tastes a bit bitter or seems moldy, a quality issue is involved.
  5. The texture of the tea leaves is another factor to consider when buying white tea. When you touch good quality tea leaves, the feel must be good. If you want to check the quality of silver needle tea, touch the buds. They must feel silky and plump.
  6. The color of the tea is another factor to check. Once brewed, the white tea must be light in color and appear healthy. Dark brown or blackish colors are indicators of a bad-quality tea.
  7. The attraction of white tea is its antioxidant content. Check the label and select a white tea rich in antioxidants to enjoy the health benefits. 

The Bottom Line

White tea is a very healthy tea. Research has linked white tea and its components to various impressive health benefits. White tea can also help you lose weight. White tea is an excellent addition to your diet and easy to prepare. It has a subtle yet refreshing taste and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

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