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How To Drink Beer Like Czech People?

How To Drink Beer Like Czech People?

How to drink beer Lokál U Bílé kuželky

When you think about countries that consume beer the most or about breweries, probably countries like Germany, Belgium, Denmark, or the Netherlands come across your mind, but maybe not the Czech Republic.

The Beer Culture In Europe

Germans celebrate festivals that people from all over the world attend and where beer is the leading player of the event. Belgium they have a large number of beer brands and flavors, more than any other country worldwide. Denmark and the Netherlands have the two most famous beer brands in the world (Carlsberg and Heineken), but the Czech Republic is the country that consumes beer the most in the whole world.

The Beer Culture In Czech Republic

You will find out that there is a big beer culture the day you visit the Czech Republic, but in the meantime, let’s give you a preview of how they do it in the Czech Republic.

This gold liquid is part of the daily life of the Czechs; they don’t enjoy it on occasions or weekends as in other countries; however, it doesn’t mean that they are alcoholics. On the contrary, Czechs are estimated to drink around half a liter a day per person, about 160 liters per year. They boast of having the best beer and the biggest consumed brand in the world, Pilsner. Czechs also boast about their different ways of consuming beer depending on every dish and every occasion.

Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour In Prague

Watch Radio Prague’s video of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour in Prague

With Or Without Foam?

One of the most important things for Czechs people is the importance of the foam of their beers. In some countries but especially in Latin or Mediterranean regions, people don’t like the beer’s foam. There are even some people who usually order their beer without any foam at all. According to Czechs people, this mass of bubbles that forms on the surface of this decadent drink plays a vital role and means that it has been poured correctly and shows its freshness.

In the Czech Republic, people say that the foam of their beers tastes different, and this is so real that we decided to check it out ourselves.

Beer Tanks Everywhere

The Czechs consider themselves artists, claiming to be good at everything they do, and commitment is a part of their daily lives. Seeing the architecture and the amount of art displayed in their country and the streets makes you think that you should trust them and give them a chance to surprise you. When Czechs enter a bar, they never ask for a specific brand, and the reason is so simple as most bars make their one handcraft beer.

In many places that we visited, we got surprised to see the large tanks they had where the beer is brewd, and it was not the only thing that surprised us. However, we were served directly from those tanks; it was the coolest and freshest beer we have ever tasted.

Some small bars where you don’t even expect to find a simple chair where you can sit, they even celebrate events that you can attend to learn the art of beer, how to serve it, the different ways to serve it and when and how to consume it since the flavor can vary with every dish.

Where Does Pilsner Urquell Come From?

Pilsner Urquell is a fairly famous brand and one of the world’s most popular and oldest types of beer; it was the first blonde lager in history, serving as inspiration for more than two-thirds of current world production. It is a low-brewed beer and got that name since it was initially made in the 18th century in the city of Pilsen, west of the historical region of the former Kingdom of Bohemia which is currently known as the Czech Republic by Plzeňský Prazdroj.

Pilsner Urquell can be found in supermarkets and stores, but the best way to try it is in a place where it is served directly from tanks. For example, suppose the Czech Republic catches you far away from home. In that case, you can check the brand’s web page, where you can find all the information about pubs and bars where it is served by highly qualified personnel with extensive knowledge of the brand so that you can enjoy it in cities nearby to you.

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How Do Czechs Serve And Drink Beer?

Both Pilsner and the Czechs, in general, have been serving their beers for centuries with that mass of bubbles that many often reject. The reason is that a thick head of dense and wet foam seals the freshness, protects the delicate flavors from the oxygen and creates a perfect balance in the beer apart from preserving its aesthetics. It is something that they are very proud to teach and want to share with the rest of the world.

The 3 Ways To Serve A Pilsner

There are three ways to serve a Pilsner beer and each way has its name and flavor because each has a different amount of foam, density, and humidity.

  • Hladinka is the most standard, served with three fingers of foam. The thick, dense, and wet foam head gives the beer a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness while sealing the freshness and flavor.
  • Šnyt has two parts of beer, three parts of foam, and one part of space at the top of the glass. It is not as filling as a large beer but more refreshing than a small one.
  • Mlíko This is the one that attracts attention the most when you see it for the first time, and you don’t know why it is served like that. You either think it’s a joke, or someone has been removing the excess foam from a draft. This is a glass full of wet foam, as you can imagine, with just a little beer at the bottom. The most exciting fact about this special one is that you have to drink it immediately and all at once as soon as you get it served. Its foam is very dense that when you finish drinking it, you will feel a high effect of alcohol that disappears after a few minutes. If you still want to get even more surprised, then don’t drink it; wait and watch as you will then see that the foam begins to turn into liquid bit by bit, and this shows that it is true when they say that the foam of the Czech beers are so different from all the other beers.

Czech Beer Explained By Honest Guide

Courtesy of Honest Guide


The Czech Republic is the country that consumes beer the most in the whole world. Czechs are estimated to drink around half a liter a day per person, about 160 liters per year. They boast of having the best beer and the biggest consumed brand in the world, Pilsner.

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