How to Make The Perfect French Omelette?

French Omelette in Ten Steps.

Mastering the technique of cooking the perfect omelette can give many good cooks a tough time. It is all about the technique. Below are the steps of making the perfect omelette for your healthy breakfasts:-

1.      The first step is to combine all the ingredients in a bowl and give a good whisk. The ingredients are eggs, salt, pepper and milk. Yes, milk is the surprise ingredient. You can substitute milk with cold water, whoever suits you better.

2.      Now, place a non-stick pan on medium-high heat on the gas oven and allow it to rest till it gets warm

3.      Add the butter and immediately hold the pan by the handle to distribute the butter till it melts completely and coats the pan nicely.

4.      Now, when the butter stops sizzling, pour in the egg batter you have made.

5.      Let the eggs heat only a little, and then start stirring it with the help of a spatula in vigorous motion.

6.      While stirring, make sure to keep lifting and scrambling eggs to level the mixture. Also, keep scraping the sides of the omelette.

7.      You need to continue stirring to the point till the egg levels, and no more shaking the pan is required.

8.      The thickness of the egg needs to be the same. For this, make sure that there is no runny egg portion. Once the texture is no runnier but is still wet, remove the pan from heat.

9.      Now, carefully roll the omelette into a cylindrical shape and add some butter to the pan to melt under the omelette.

10.  Plate your perfectly made fluffy, but not brown, omelette and dig in with a fork. 

Chef Mark Dubois
Chef Mark Dubois

Mark Dubois grew up in a tinny village in the South of France where fresh ingredients, traditional recipes, and fantastic french wines are present in every house and corner. Chef Mark is specialised in Mediterranean Gastronomy, but he is more passionate about baking. Chef Mark is currently working as a hosted Chef in different restaurants around Europe.

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