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Is It Healthy to Drink Gin?

Is It Healthy to Drink Gin?

Gin & Tonic is probably the most popular cocktail and the reasons are so many to mention, however, the most popular reason according to a lot of countries, is that the Gin itself is a natural medicine that could apparently prevent a lot of illnesses. The Gin was invented in the city of Salerno, in the 12th century in the Schola Medica Salernitana. 

Schola Medica or Medical School in English used to be an important source of medical knowledge for Europe. When the Gin was invented it used to be called aqua vita, which means water of life in English. 

Watch BBC Ideas’ video explaining some of the history of Gin.

The a learning platform wrote an article about the results of a research that was done about drinking gin and the benefits that can actually have for the health.

Gin began to become popular as a medicinal liquor that was more often used by the Italian monks that were followed by other monks and alchemists across Europe.

In the 17 century, George Cleghorn, a Scottish doctor that studied a lot about quinine and all its benefits for curing and preventing Malaria and other infectious diseases.  His traditional quinine was drunk in tonic water and it was when the Gin & Tonic “cocktail” was introduced by the army of the British East Company in India, as in those days, Malaria was a problem in India, and the use of the Gin was a brilliant remedy that they could use to treat this infectious disease.

Watch Time Out’s video about how to make the perfect Gin & Tonic.

In Spain for example, Gin & Tonic is a very popular cocktail that is drunk in moderation.

Spanish people affirm that the Gin is a powerful digestive liquor.

In a lot of restaurants, you will see that people are either skipping the coffee or the desert and instead they have a Gin & Tonic or just a shot of Gin. Now we all know that the Gin used to be used as a form of herbal medicine in the Middle Ages.

Is the Gin really healthy to drink?

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