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KARBÓ Burger & Pizza Grill

KARBÓ Burger & Pizza Grill

Looking for at great place to eat when having a walk at the Paseo Maritimo in Marbella, burger and pizza is probably not what you have travelled to Costa del Sol in the south of Spain for. You’d be be more happy to find some Tapas or other local specialties.

If burger is what you crave, or you are a local living in the area, KARBÓ will then be one of the best places in Marbella to order a decent burger. At the Paseo Maritimo strip, KARBÓ will be the best quality burger you’ll find with the only competition from the Brazilian burger joint “TORO Burger” having views to the sea front.

Besides the sea front “Burger Joints” with quality burgers like KARBÓ and TORO, you’ll see “The American Hamburger” on the menu at almost all the restaurant’s menus while walking past the eating places at Paseo Maritimo. It’s not really worth trying burgers other places than the Toro Burger or Karbó Burger, you’ll end up with below poor experience unless you have no clue of quality food, the nock yourself out at any place daring to say they serve a burger, some of them even makes you wish you bought a frozen minute made hamburger at the supermarket with half the time needed in the microwave still half way frozen. Also applies for many of the Spanish places having the letters put together at the menu saying “burger” just to make the average tourists happy with their hangovers or to please their spoiled ketchup kids trying to show gesture the Spanish culture, don’t order burger at the Spanish restaurants, but in stead order what they are proud of and is local Spanish dishes.

So, when you’re not showing the Spanish culture som respect visiting the country, or just wan’t to eat a nasty, good, well tasting and awesome burger, KARBÓ is a preferred places to go. The Burgers are good, the Restaurants interior and style deliver what it promise, and the few basic things on the menu are above good, not mind-blowing but so good that the places ends up being the repeating choice in the area, though you have GOIKO Gourmet, TORO Burger and Gourmet Burger Room in 3 minute walking distance, KARBÓ have the right bliss point that makes you come back again for next one, also assisted by its location, interior and the staff.

The only place that can outbeat all of the above mentioned is, ironically enough, a very typical Spanish eating place, one of the local tapas bars, Casa Blanca Marbella also to be found in Puerto Banus “Casa Blanca Puerto Banus.

The No. 1. Best Burger at Costa del Sol

Restaurant Casa Blanca, Marbella

Though it’s not a burger restaurant but a favourite tapas bar for Spanish locals, you’ll find the No. 1. Best Burger at the Costa del Sol coast of Malaga, and you’ll probably just order 2 or 3 burgers, not only because they are so delicious that you’ll get close to food-porn, but also because you getting a downsized version of a normal burger size by 2-3 times smaller, hey, it’s a tapas bar. And the downsized version to X Small, is also one of the reasons they become extraordinary tasteful, almost gone in one bite. The bun of these “Hamburguesas Bebesitas” have the final secret to why this mini baby burger steals your taste-buds love. It’s also worth taking the drive to Malaga Centro, where you find their sister restaurant Casa Lola in the small streets of the Old Town, equally delicious.

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Before KARBÓ Burger and Pizza Grill, the restaurant occupied the Gourmet Restaurant VOVEM famous for Steaks, and Steaks at the Gourmet Level, like en Gourmet without misusing of giving mis-credit to the term “Gourmet Food. Vovem is still behind the Restaurant which, which is confirmed when eating their food. If you’re in for a steak of high quality, you won’t be disappointed since the place is a gourmet steak house in disguise of a burger joint to suit the crowd passing through.

When it comes to their Pizza, you’ll also be lucky to find an above average restaurant serving Pizza. If you’re in to Pizza and you appreciate Gourmet Pizza, you’ll probably run into the difficulties of finding a Pizza place you love on the entire coast. They are around but difficult to find, and at the KARBÓ Burger and Pizza Grill, you’ll be faced with a luxury Pizza oven while entering the restaurant, that together with some good chefs makes it worth having Pizza included in their name. All in all, KARBÓ is worth a visit for you to make your own judgement.

Unlike what’s almost impossible for any restaurant to achieve, is the fact of, at the same restaurant, they actually manage to take both the extraordinary steak to the table, along with mastering the food art of the Italian Pizza and the American Burger without letting anyone being “the black sheep” with the s….. dish when having this mix of the best sellers of gourmet fast-food across kitchen. This also makes KARBÓ a perfect places for families, couples and a great evening for friends, since there is no compromise with any of the dishes, though the promise of Steak, Pizza and Burger at the same place sounds a bit over the top to actually deliver, but they surprisingly do it well across the line. Here’s our latest visit making the Pizza craving lady happy together with the Steal Loving Gent. A well served gourmet Pizza Steak date. 🙂

Steak & Pizza at KARBÓ Burger and Pizza Grill
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