Kraken Malaga, Where Haute Cuisine Becomes Tapas

Kraken Malaga Restaurant

Kraken Malaga is a restaurant and a Tapas place located in the city centre of the sunny city of Malaga, in the south of tropical Spain. Spanish gastronomy is one of the world’s most renowned gastronomies, and where happiness and good times are guaranteed in each bite.

Though Kraken might look like a Tapas bar as any Andalusian Tapas place, however, Kraken is a place where elegance, sophistication, traditions and delicious food are combined. Simply haute cuisine turned into small bites.

The menu is short and precise. You have a few delicious options to choose from, and each option will invite you to try something more, this is how it normally starts at Kraken!

Kraken is a place for those people who want to enjoy great crafted cocktails or nice local wines, with a gastronomical experience full of small bites that make you plan your next visit.

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Small Creations Made By A Big Chef

Chef Diego René is an award-winning chef, with a rich background coming from the most selected kitchens in Spain, to give Kraken’s culinary experience a new and greater perspective. The team at Kraken are proud of the creativity and the design of the special gastronomic dishes they deliver.

Kraken Malaga - Chef Diego René and his team
Chef Diego René and his team

Kraken Malaga Location


Delicious cuisine

Easy to navigate-menu

Great cocktails

Good size Tapas

Signature dishes made by award-winning chef


It might be difficult to get a table booked by phone, better to show up

If no tables are available, it is recommended to wait

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