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La Sultana Oualidia, a Culinary Affair to Discover

La Sultana Oualidia, a Culinary Affair to Discover

The Gastronomical Experience of La Sultana Hotel.

If you are not an avid traveller, the chances are that you must not have heard of Oualidia, a small fishing village in Morocco. Located midway between Essaouira and Casablanca and about 3 hours away from Marrakech, Oualidia is Morocco’s oyster capital. Over the past decade, this town has become a summer resort for wealthy Moroccans and Europeans. If you plan to visit Oualidia, you need to have a luxurious gastronomical experience at La Sultana Hotel Oualidia. 

Dining at the La Sultana Hotel Oualidia

La Sultana Oualidia ensures that you only get the best of Morocco. They have fresh products from land as well as sea. So, this is the place to be, whether you prefer vegetarianism or try ethically and locally sourced fish and meat options from the local producers. In addition, La Sultana Oualidia has an organic vegetable garden to ensure that you are eating dishes prepared from natural, high-quality ingredients.

There are three options for a luxurious gastronomical experience at La Sultana Hotel where you can indulge yourself:

1. La Table de la Plage

This is one of the best seafood restaurants in the village that only uses local produce. The ingredients are taken from local seafood producers and the organic garden of the hotel. You can enjoy the delicious food on the deck right by the sea. It is open to residents as well as non-resident guests for lunch every day.

2. La Table de la Sultana

This restaurant is known for its Moroccan & French cuisine. Known for its innovative and contemporary dishes, this restaurant offers two seasonal menus: fine Moroccan cuisine and French inspiration. The whole menu has been inspired by a small local producers network to ensure that dishes follow the harvest time. Apart from this, you will be able to taste traditional Moroccan products like the cumin from Alnif, Argan from Souss, salt from Zerra doune, and Saffron from Taliouine. However, it is only open to resident guests for dinner.

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3. The O Bar

The O Bar is known for showcasing its sea urchin and oyster specialities. You can get local as well as international oysters and pair them with some classic Moroccan wine. It is located at the end of a pier that extends onto the Atlantic coast and overlooks the lagoon making it a perfect spot for having a romantic dinner. For a delicate yet balanced aste, you should try the locally grown oysters from the unique lagoon of Oualidia. Also, don’t forget to try the Pied de Cheval Oyster, the house speciality. 

Overall, the La Sultana Hotel Oualidia offers high-quality gourmet Moroccan & Mediterranean cuisine that you can eat on the beach deck or in the restaurant. Everything is made of fresh and local fish, shellfish, and seafood, including lobsters, spider crabs, and oysters. If you want to know the secret behind this famous Moroccan cuisine, you can take a cooking class offered by La Sultana Oualidia. 

Apart from its luxurious gastronomical experience, the La Sultana Hotel Oualidia is also known for its wellness experiences. There is a Hammam in the heart of the hotel that is the perfect spot for body relaxation. In addition, it is an ideal place to rest. With the tides, the lagoon, and beautiful sunset views, you will have a luxurious and relaxing experience that you will never forget.

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