Lebanese Garlic & Olive Oil Marinated Chicken

Grilled Marinated Chicken Recipe.

One of the most delicious and healthy cuisines out there is Mediterranean Cuisine. It is simply the best when combining olive oil, mild spices that add aroma and authentic middle eastern taste.

A classic dish is the Grilled Lebanese Garlic and Olive Oil Marinated Chicken. The prime ingredient in this recipe is yoghurt which plays a crucial role in flavouring the chicken. The marination part (before the actual cooking) is a part that rolls out the flavours and aromas. So, be mindful of the mix. It is preferable to mix premium quality herbs and spices in plain yoghurt.

A list of the ingredients needed

  • 1 or 1.5kg chicken breasts (cut in half and skinned properly)
  • Plain yogurt
  • 2-3 Garlic cloves (peeled and finely grated for better flavor)
  • 2-3 Ginger (peeled and finely grated for accentuating the ginger-garlic taste)
  • Half lemon (finely grated) and quarter cup lemon juice
  • Harissa Sauce
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Freshly cracked black pepper
  • Sea salt


Lebanese dishes are quite easy to make – these require your patience and good quality of raw materials to be used.

Start with soaking the skewers in water for some time (preferably an hour).

On the side, you can start working on the chicken!

The preparation to be done beforehand –

  1. Use a top-quality harissa sauce and plain yogurt.
  2. Mix the yogurt and the sauce. Add the grated ginger, garlic and lemon zest to the mix.
  3. Add a pinch of black pepper and salt to the mix, followed by a few drops of olive oil.
  4. Properly mix this marination mix.
  5. Clean the chicken breasts nicely and make diagonal slices on the chicken pieces.
  6. Add these chicken pieces to the marinade mix. You should cover this tightly – a minimum of 4 hours. The more you keep it this way, the intense the flavors. So, you can even leave this overnight.
  7. After marinating the chicken properly, it is time to grill.
  8. Heat the grill properly, thread the chicken on the earlier soaked skewers.
  9. Nicely grill the chicken till fine lines are formed on it – use olive oil for the same,
  10. Once the chicken is grilled, use pita and hummus as sides – topped with cucumbers, lemon and tomatoes.

The grilled chicken breasts will have such a rich taste and aroma – it will be a mezze party at your home!

Chef Zoe
Chef Zoe

Zoe Williams is a British Chef who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu London. Zoe worked as a Sous-Chef in a few restaurants in Tokyo and Dubai, and now she is ready to start her new journey as a Chef and the leading team of a brand new restaurant in Doha, Qatar.

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