Louis Roederer – Cristal Vinothèque 1999

Louis Roederer is a producer of Champagne based in Reims, France. Founded in 1776, it was inherited and renamed by Louis Roederer in 1833. It remains today as one of the only still independent and family-run Maisons de Champagne.

The cuvées of the House of Louis Roederer are the fruit of patient work 
with fundamental ingredients, experts’ collaboration, a quest for the perfect balance, and hardy and generous grapes, cultivated in the Champagne soil, producing a wine with a summery character and crystalline elegance.

Louis Roederer presenting Cristal Vinothèque 1996

Cristal Vinothèque is Cristal’s ultimate experience, its culmination and its highest accomplishment. At the end of a long meditation lasting two decades, combined with late disgorgement and fine-tuning to the point of perfect equilibrium, it emerges as a fresh perspective of Champagne, an even more perfect and exciting vision.

Cristal Vinothèque only reveals itself to those who are patient, through the prism of a tailor-made ageing process, disgorged late to preserve all its original freshness.

The cellar master’s challenge is to foresee this slow progression and provide everything required to ensure an unalterable purity.

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