Marché Les Enfants Rouges – Paris’s Oldest Food Market.

The Enfants Rouges covered market, created in 1615. Paris’s oldest food market is situated in the Haut Marais, close to rue de Bretagne. Parisians and tourists enjoy buying lots of fresh products at these stalls full of colour and fragrance. The friendly atmosphere is ideal for a quick lunch at the Italian deli, the organic stand, the Lebanese caterer, or the Japanese snack bar. On Sunday, brunch fans head to L’Estaminet; a restaurant tucked away in the market’s heart or La Petite Fabrique.

Marché des Enfants Rouges- the oldest covered market in Paris

This covered market is one of the oldest in the city, one of Paris’s hidden corners that you cannot miss. The market is trendy among locals and hosts different food stalls to taste some of the most delicious Parisian dishes.

The Marché Les Enfants Rouges gets its name from an old orphanage in the area, in which the children wore red. This historical place is now becoming a touristic hotspot, the market is equipped to fill the emptiest of stomachs, with its impressive range of Italian, Lebanese, African, Japanese and other stalls.

Le Marché Les Enfants Rouge is a must-visit for anyone who loves food while visiting Paris.

Emma Born
Emma Born

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