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Momo, a Typical Dish of The Himalayan Cuisine

Momo, a Typical Dish of The Himalayan Cuisine

Momo is a typical Himalayan dish. A steamed filled dumpling similar to Chinese Baozi and Japanese Gyoza. Momos are native to Nepal and the East Indian region of Darjeeling. It is widespread across a wider area of the Indian subcontinent.

Momos can be found in every shop, from restaurants to street vendors in Tibet.

Delicious Momos made by Momo King Restaurant in India.

The Momo dough is spread and flattened on a smooth surface, later cut into a wafer bed and filled with different vegetables, chicken, buffalo (yak) and even cheese. Momo is always seasoned with various spices that give it its characteristic flavour.

Once filled and closed, the Momos are cooked in a steamer pot for a few minutes, then they come out ready to be savoured. Normally, the cook serves them in a small disposable plate or container and sprinkles them with a tasty and very spicy sauce.

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If you like Dumplings and Gyozas, then you should definitely try Momos.

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