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Moules Frites – The National Dish of Belgium

Moules Frites – The National Dish of Belgium

Moules-Frites or Moules et Frites is the national dish of Belgium, however, it is a very popular dish in northern France and in Netherland, although they are currently consumed in all of the three countries. Moules-Frites is a simple dish consisting of steamed mussels with a garnish of fried potatoes. This dish is traditionally served with beer.

Is Belgium a gastronomic destination?

Belgium is not likely to be considered a gastronomic destination by many people. Or at least for a few moments. Then flashes of chocolate and beer come to mind, followed by waffles and “French” fries (which would actually be “Belgian”). And later, seafood lovers will realize that the famous Moules-Frites (steamed mussels accompanied by French fries) are one of the most representative foods in Belgium.

Moules-Frites are served in almost every traditional Belgian restaurant in Belgium and outside of Belgium, in large portions of a kilo and a half of mussels. The mussels arrive at the table in the pot in which they were cooked and the potatoes come in a separate dish so they don’t absorb the moisture from the mussel broth. Additionally, a plate is placed to place the shells of the mussels that are being eaten. To add a special touch to the potatoes, homemade mayonnaise is provided.

Watch KOEZINAA‘s video of an easy recipe of how to make the famous Belgian Moules-Frites

In Belgium restaurants, you can find a great variety of steamed mussels: with cream, with beer, with tomato or with exotic spices. However, the most traditional is also the simplest: those cooked with shallots, white wine and herbs.

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Moules-Frite or Moules et Frites?

Both versions correct. The title of the dish is French, Moules meaning mussels and Frites fries, with the Dutch name for the dish meaning the same. Mussels were considered food for the poor, so their consumption in Belgium was very common.

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