Raspberry Beer Mojito Cocktail

Beer Mojito Cocktail Recipe.

If you are beer and mojito fan, this recipe is going make you happy. The traditional mojito made with rum, lime, club soda and mint, has a fresh look and taste. It is the answer for those who want a beer and a cocktail at the same time. Even though this needs a little more work to put together, the result is worth the trouble.

Ingredients Required:

For the cocktail:

·        4 oz. spiced rum

·        1 bottle of Kronenbourg 1664 Fruit Rouges

·        2 oz. syrup

·        2 limes

·        15 to 20 fresh mint leaves

For the garnish:

8 raspberries

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1.      Cut the limes and juice them. Distribute the juice between two glasses equally. Do not discard the used lime halves.

2.      Take two lime halves and cut them into slices and put aside.

3.      Pluck the mint leaves off their stems. Bruise the leaves by rubbing them lightly together in your hands. Distribute evenly between the glasses.

4.      Add an equal amount of the lime slices to each glass. The reason to do this is to let the oil from the lime peels get infused into the mojito.

5.      Gently muddle the ingredients together lightly to release the flavors. Don’t do it too vigorously. Mint leaves shred very easily.

6.      Add 1 oz. of syrup to each glass, followed by 2 oz. of spiced rum. Add enough ice that it reaches the tops of the glasses.

7.      Pour in your favourite pilsner beer to the brim of each glass. Let the drink settle.

8.      Finally, mix all the ingredients using a long spoon and add a bit of crushed ice to both. Garnish with raspberries and serve.

Chef Mark Dubois

Mark Dubois grew up in a tiny village in the South of France where fresh ingredients, traditional recipes, and fantastic french wines are present in every house and corner. Chef Mark is specialised in Mediterranean Gastronomies, but he is more passionate about baking. Chef Mark is currently working as a hosted Chef in different restaurants around Europe.