Relishing The Cuisine Of The Swedes

Traditional Swedish meatballs with lovely mashed potatoes, creamy gravy and a rich lingonberry jam, are among the most delectable dishes Sweden has to offer. Sounds scrumptious. But connoisseurs can agree that it does not end there. So we embark upon this journey to help us discover and understand Swedish cuisine.

Buffets And Platters

Did you know items as simple as bread, butter and cheese have been a vital part of the smörgåsbord, a platter of sorts. These are cold fish dishes that help balance it out, such as herring, eel and salmon. This combination works indubitably to appeal to your taste buds. If you plan to visit the country anytime around Christmas, the julbord is a must-try. This Christmas special offers cold fish dishes, cold cut meats, cheese plates, and dessert spreads similar to the smorgasbord. All that you need to relish in the Christmas spirit.

All Things Sweet And Savory

Delving a little deeper into the world of all things sweet, we come to the Princess cake. A true classic stuffed with yellow sponges, a delicious raspberry jam and vanilla custard and loads of whipping cream. The green layer of marzipan and the dainty pink rose are an essential finishing touch to this beauty. To enjoy the best fika (coffee and cake break), cinnamon buns are the way to go. This delicious yet straightforward delicacy is sweet bread loved by all. Lingonberries are a popular staple, added to almost everything, especially to meat dishes, for a hint of savoriness.

Going Fishing 

Crayfish parties are a tradition the Swedes have held onto for centuries. Starting at the beginning of August, these celebrations extend well into September, marking the end of summer. Mostly enjoyed outdoors, this bright red delicacy is accompanied by various side dishes. Snaps (hard alcohol shots) or beer go well with these mini lobsters.

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The Swedes are versatile people who have incorporated international influences into their cuisine. Although characterized by dairy, meat and fish products, the emphasis on sustainability has opened up various vegan options. The uniqueness of the Swedes lies in the fact that most of their dishes are prepared from locally sourced ingredients. Thus, Swedish food takes one through a wholesome and beautiful journey of experiencing the depth of the country’s culture and celebrating it.

Traditional Swedish Food Hall in Stockholm
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