Six Traditional Swiss Dishes

The Cheesy Cuisine of Switzerland.

The Suisse food is always on the top and keeps on gaining greater global recognition. It is a gourmet paradise. The incredible cuisine of Switzerland that you can find today is primarily influenced by the regional dishes from numerous neighbouring countries such as Germany, France and Northern Italy. It is also influenced by the history of this beautiful country. 

Swiss cuisine provides you with many regional dishes that often include potatoes, bread and the famous Swiss cheese as essential ingredients. Look at these fantastic foods that provide a riot of flavours for your taste buds:


Rösti is a crispy dish made with potatoes, appearing in the form of a flat hot cake. It is essentially a fried potato-based pancake that was a popular option for breakfast in Switzerland. You may get it served with toppings that include sour cream, fried eggs or cheese.

Bircher Müesli

This mixed diet based dish was invented by Swiss doctor Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Brenner, long back in the 1900s. It is a trendy breakfast throughout Switzerland. The dish majorly contains cereals, nuts, oats, fruits and vegetables.


A traditional all-in-one dish that uses various nutritional ingredients such as cheese, potatoes, milk, macaroni, cream, stewed apple and roasted onions. Cream and cheese are a vital part of this Suisse dish. 

Cheese Fondue

An ideal food that is satisfying to eat and remains one of the most popular dishes in Switzerland. It is simply the melted cheese and a mix of other ingredients such as white wine, garlic, bread cubes, cornflour etc. You will absolutely adore dipping bread, broccoli or roasted potatoes into a mini vat of cheese. 


Raclette is another well known Swiss cheese dish. It is an excellent dish for all cheese lovers. Raclette usually contains melted cheese and boiled potatoes, cold meats, cocktail gherkins and pickled onions. 

Bündner Nusstorte

This traditional caramelised nut-filled pastry consists of various ingredients: sugar, butter, flour, eggs, milk, heavy cream, walnuts, honey, and caramelised sugar. The caramel rich pie is also known by the name ‘Engadiner Nusstorte’. You can enjoy this little desert with the evening tea or coffee. 

Another popular and essential Swiss food is Swiss chocolate. It is one of the creamiest chocolate you’ll ever get. While the ingredients can originate from outside, the actual production of this chocolate takes place in Switzerland.

Aside from these beautiful dishes, Switzerland also offers numerous regional and national dishes to explore throughout its cantons.

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Chef Mark Dubois
Chef Mark Dubois

Mark Dubois grew up in a tinny village in the South of France where fresh ingredients, traditional recipes, and fantastic french wines are present in every house and corner. Chef Mark is specialised in Mediterranean Gastronomy, but he is more passionate about baking. Chef Mark is currently working as a hosted Chef in different restaurants around Europe.

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