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Tasting Menus – An Amazing Gastronomic Experience

Tasting Menus – An Amazing Gastronomic Experience

A tasting menu is a combination of different dishes that are served in fine dining restaurants. A whole gastronomic experience for the client allows them to taste flavours and discover new gastronomic frontiers.

The Chef seduces the diner with small portions of his best dishes in the tasting menu, composing a culinary experience to tell the guests what gastronomic style the author has. Tasting menus are not just many dishes; they are a well thought out selection structured to convey the chef’s personality and cuisine, offering an exceptional gastronomic experience.

Some restaurants have Chefs specialized in preparing tasting menus, while in other cases it is an option on the menu.

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Types of tasting menus:

  • The classic. It consists of between 6 to 8 dishes perfectly structured, combined and organised with coherence to enjoy the best of the Chef’s cuisine.
  • Pairing menu. It serves each dish with a specific drink, usually fine wines and champagnes.
  • Exhibition menu. This type of tasting menus is about showing the Chef’s experience with his art and culinary skills. It can be between 10 and 20 to even 40 and 50 dishes.
A L’aise, Oslo: Michelin 13 course full tasting menu.

A must-to-try experience for Gourmet Lovers

If you are a Gourmet Lover, you will live a non-traditional gastronomic experience where you will have the privilege of being the Chef’s VIP guest to try several different dishes that will probably blow your mind away.

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