The Best Coffee-Growing Countries in The World.

Good ideas start with brainstorming, great ideas start with coffee…

The world has millions of coffee lovers and consumers. The more you drink coffee the more you enjoy it and the pickier you become while selecting a good coffee brand or a coffee shop. For this reason, in this article you are going to read about the countries that produce the best coffees in the world, to help you learn more about coffee. 

Let’s see what are the countries with the best coffee in the world:

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  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia, a country located in the Horn of Africa, produces between 200 and 250 thousand tons of one of the best and most authentic coffees in the world every year. There are three varieties of coffee: robust, robust and arabica and arabica. In Ethiopia the variety that is produced the most is arabica. The main characteristic of this variety is that it is grown on land with an altitude of 2000 meters, with a specific degree of humidity for both cultivation and treatment. Its main characteristic is a high degree of acidity, although there are variations. It is believed that the origin of coffee is in Ethiopia, this means that a cup of coffee from this country is much more than flavour, it is also history.
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  • Kenya: Kenya’s coffee is characterised by its quality and by its careful and rigorous production by small producers. Its cultivation takes place in the Mount Kenya region, at a height of between 1,500 and 2,100 meters above sea level and on fertile volcanic soil. The warm climate and the constant seasonal rains also help positively in its quality and influence its strong but balanced flavour. Despite its proximity to Ethiopia, coffee production in Kenya started in the late 19th century. This fact does not mean that the quality is inferior, but quite the opposite. Kenyan coffee is often described as a coffee with personality due to its strong body, its intense flavour and its high acidity content accompanied by a sweet touch with a citrus flavour. A brand that makes it special and one of the best coffees in the world.
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  • Indonesia: Indonesia produces coffee of different varieties, with Arabica being the highest quality. But among its many productions is also that of the most expensive coffee in the world, civet. The high price of this type of coffee is due to the fact that very little is produced, approximately 500 kilos a year. The civet feeds on coffee berries, so its stools contain a high amount of beans. After a meticulous process of obtaining and cleaning the coffee, a slightly sweeter product is obtained, but with an intense aroma and flavour. A different coffee but with excellent quality.
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  • Costa Rica: All the coffee grown in Costa Rica belongs to the Arabica variety. Harvests are carried out on fertile volcanic soils at a height of between 800 and 1600 meters above sea level. It is not the country that produces the most coffee, but its quality is among the highest. In fact, in this country the philosophy of better quality than quantity is faithfully followed, ensuring that each of the manually extracted grains is of quality and has the best characteristics. On many occasions, it has been claimed that the best coffee in Costa Rica and also in the world comes from Tarrazú.
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  • Guatemala: Guatemalan coffee is described as unique in the world. Because Guatemala is divided by mountains, mountain ranges and volcanoes, the coffee plantations are almost 2,000 meters high. The climatic conditions are perfect to produce coffee at any time of the year, its volcanic soil is rich in nutrients and its harvesting is manual. All these factors make the coffee beans of very high quality. Often after collection, a completely artisanal process is followed. The beans are chosen, washed and dried to obtain a coffee of excellent quality and so that neither the aroma nor the flavour is altered. The result is a unique flavour and one of the most loved coffees in the world.

Now you know what do the best coffee beans come from, make sure you consume a responsibly growing coffee. It will taste even better…

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