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The Best Ways to Enjoy The Camembert Cheese

The Best Ways to Enjoy The Camembert Cheese

“Cheese brings a big smilie to your face! Whether you are eating it or saying it…”

Camembert de Normandie (Normandy Camembert) is a cow’s milk cheese produced in the Normandy region of France. Within France, Camembert is protected by an appellation of origin controlled since 1983.

Originally, camembert comes from the French region of Normandy, department of Orne, specifically from a homonymous municipality. Its creator was Marie Harel, a peasant from the town of Vimoutiers, where her statue is located.

How to enjoy eating Camembert cheese?

Watch Original Naked Chef’s video baking Camembert cheese.
  • Camembert can be accompanied by different jams, with caramelised onions or with other types of food such as fruits or nuts.
  • This cheese can be grilled in the oven with some garlic and herbs.
  • You can also cut the Camembert into triangles and deep fry it, you will get a crunchy outer layer with a very creamy texture in each bite.
  • Enjoy your camembert with biscuits or bread, wit some honey.
  • Melt the camembert on charcoal if you are grilling it.
  • Make a simple panini or grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Add slices of camembert to any of your salads or pizzas.
  • Cover the camembert with several slices of thin ham, making sure everything is wrapped in several layers of ham, then roast it in the oven or on a pan with some butter.
  • Bake the cheese in its wooden box for a delicious dip.

Both young brie and camembert will appreciate a steely chardonnay or fruity sauvignon.

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