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The Difference Between Champagne & Sparkling Wine

The Difference Between Champagne & Sparkling Wine

“All Champagne is Sparkling wine, but not all Sparkling wine is Champagne…”

Drinking Champagne has always been related to luxury, celebrating a moment, Christmas or a fancy dinner, however, many people don’t know what Champagne is or where does it come from.

What is Champagne?

Watch Jacky Blisson’s video explaining what is Champagne and where does it come from.

Champagne is a Sparkling wine. Yes, a Sparkling wine just like all the Sparkling wines out there, however, Champagne comes from the Champagne region in the northeastern of France. While all Champagne is Sparkling wine, not all Sparkling wine is Champagne, meaning that it’s technically illegal for a Sparkling wine to be labelled Champagne if it doesn’t come from the eponymous French region, or if it deviates from the strict set of guidelines outlined by law.

Watch The Barcelona Wine Show’s video about Spanish Cava and its good quality as a Sparkling Wine.

Champagne vs Sparking wine.

In the European Union and many other countries, it is illegal to label any product Champagne unless it comes from the Champagne wine region of France and it’s produced under the rules of the appellation. Because of this, Sparkling wines from other countries are sold under other names such as Prosecco or Spumante (Italy), Cava (Spain), and Sekt (Germany and Austria).

Does this mean Champagne is better?

Watch The Grape Explorer’s video explaining what is Prosecco and why it is the most popular drink in the UK.

Not at all! Champagne is just another Sparkling wine from a specific region. Many people prefer to drink Prosecco or Cava and the reasons are not the only the reasonable prices, but also the quality, the flavour and the wide variation and types in the market.

Did you know that prosecco is the most consumed wine in the UK?

What to choose and how should it be served?

It all depends on your preferences! For special occasions, a bottle of Champagne is a perfect choice. But for a dinner at home, an evening with your friends or a day on the beach, Sparkling wine is your best friend.

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First, Sparkling wines and Champagnes should be served very chilled. The good thing about this type of wines is that they are perfect to drink with many dishes and food. You can pair Sparkling wines with smoked salmon, caviar, fish and seafood, sausages, and even with popcorn and sweets if your plan is to spend the evening at home watching movies with your friends.

There is always time for a good glass of wine…

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