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Three Of The Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Paris

Three Of The Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Paris

Michelin Star Restaurants

Wondering what are some of the best Michelin Star restaurants in Paris? Michelin Star is an internationally accepted standard for the world-known hotels and restaurants. These restaurants have prestige for some top reasons, and you won’t go wrong in any option. Having so many to pick from in Paris, it may also be hard to find where you should go. This is why we have Michelin Starred restaurants in Paris that will suggest where you can dine out. Let’s read ahead:

Must Visit Michelin Starred Restaurants In Paris    

1. Arpege

Arpege holds a three-star rating by Michelin. This restaurant is focused on vegan dining and has made vegetables the star of its cuisine from the start of the 2000s. Its renowned chef, who likes cooking meat over the flames for ideal results, also uses a similar open flame cooking method for all of his vegetables. 

This brings out exciting flavors and colors. To make sure you have the best products, they have three gardens in three regions of France for vegetable growing. They have a top ambience and great food choices to enjoy all the tasty foods you can. 

2. Le George:

Le George is located in the very gorgeous Four Seasons George V Hotel. It got its first Paris Michelin Star restaurant position back in 2017 for its Chef Simone Zanoni and his Mediterranean style of cuisine. It is designed for sharing and also is focused on healthy dishes. Their menu mostly offers you plates split between two relaxed and tapas-style dining. 

If you want to enjoy the view, you can request a table by the window and have a look at their famous flower arrangements. If you visit Le George, you can get a delicious meal and a beautiful place in one spot.

3. Palais Royal Restaurant:

Another one of the Michelin Starred restaurants in Paris is Palais Royal Restaurant. It is secreted away present in Jardins du Palais Royal. Its very secluded location represented in the gardens means that it has a sunny outdoor terrace that makes it a lovely spot for enjoyable lunches and balmy summer evenings. 

Guests can also order a la carte or try some of the tasting menus. But you should also make sure that it is served when all people represented on the table order it. Wine lovers may also be interested in checking the restaurant’s wine workshops that offer a gastronomic dinner, an introduction to wine tasting, and pairing along with the restraints sommelier. 

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Last Words:

These are some of the Michelin starred restaurants in Paris. You can come ahead and enjoy many of the fantastic foods and recipes that these restaurants have been offering for many years now.

These are undoubtedly the best Paris restaurants, and they can make your day even if you are here to try out the testers. These Michelin restaurant guide books can also be your savior to not waste your time in normal or out of the deal restaurants in the city. So when you are going to visit the best Michelin starred restaurants in Paris according to your choice.

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