Three Traditional Colombian Dishes you Must Try

Describing the Colombian Gastronomy.

Colombian cuisine has much to offer—a score of traditional recipes from different regions of Colombia and innovations. The typical gastronomy of the country is diverse, with the rich biodiversity and the local produce available in Colombia. To define the cuisine, it is a delightful mix of indigenous and European traditions and has a strong Afro-Caribbean influence. 

Understanding Colombian Cuisine

Colombian cuisine, as mentioned before, is a mix of many cultures and traditions. It varies from one region in the country to another but is mainly influenced by Spanish. Indigenous Colombian and African cuisines. Some regions in the country are also affected by Arabian cuisine. The government is the most biodiverse in the country has a wide variety of ingredients, which vary from region to region.

Some of the common ingredients in Colombian cuisine include cereals like maize and rice, tubers like cassava and potato, legumes, meat like beef, pork, chicken, goat, and fish. Tropical fruits are also part of the cuisine—some of the common ones include cape gooseberry, mangosteen, guava, blackberry, dragon fruit, papaya, soursop, and feijoa.

Traditional Dishes of Colombia

Colombian cuisine has several representative pieces of bread, sauces, appetizers, and main dishes that give the authentic taste of the unique gastronomy. Some of these include Bandeja Paisa, Ajiaco Santafereño, and Patacon. 

  • Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja Paisa is a typical dish in Colombian cuisine. It is a local dish from the department of Antioquia and Paisa Region in the country. The dish’s characteristic features include red beans, pork, white rice, carne molida, fried egg, hogao sauce, avocado, lemon, and plantain. The dish’s origins can be traced back to colonial Spaniards and Africans, and indigenous peoples of Colombia.

  • Ajiaco Santafereño

Yet another typical Colombian dish is the soup Ajiaco santafereño. This one contains several types of potatoes grown in Cundinamarca and Boyaca, along with guascas (herbs), corn, and chicken from the area. The soup is garnished with corn on the cob, cream, avocado slices, and capers. While it is a popular dish in Colombia, it is also a favourite in countries like Peru and Cuba.

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  • Patacon

Patacon is a favourite and popular appetizer throughout Colombia. You will find them in different sizes and shapes, depending on the region you visit. This typical Colombian cuisine dish is made out of green plantain bananas, the pieces of which are flattened and then fried. 

Colombian cuisine is an array of flavours and aromas. Varying in ingredients and cooking methods from region to region, the cuisine offers much diversity.

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