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Top 3 Places To Enjoy The Best Cocktails In London

Top 3 Places To Enjoy The Best Cocktails In London


Wondering where you can have the best cocktails in London? One of the finest things to do is sip a cocktail and enjoy a pleasant time with your loved ones. What better place to it than at one of the cocktail bars in London. With so many such establishments in London, it is natural you will be confused about where to go.

To make your work easy, here is a shortlist of the top 3 cocktail lounges in London. Visit any of them and enjoy a great evening.

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Top 3 Places To Enjoy Great Cocktails In London

1) Tayer + Elementary

Tayer + Elementary cocktail bar in Old St London features two of the finest mixologists, Alex Kratena and Monica Berg. This two-part bar features Tayer in the back with Elementary in the front. One of the attractions of this place is its ergonomic seating. You can sit comfortably while you sip cocktails and enjoy the various dishes on offer.

Elementary is a hangout that is open all day. This is a place where you can enjoy fun drinks and have a great time. Rhubarb highball, frozen coffee with rum, and Japanese fried pork are some of the items on the menu you should try out. Tayer, the bar has an industrial layout yet presents a homely appearance. This is where you can taste the finest cocktails and relish their taste.

2) Satan’s Whiskers

Satan’s Whiskers is located in a down to earth location on Cambridge Heath Road. Drop in anytime from 5 PM to midnight to enjoy some of the greatest cocktails. It is an experience not to be missed and one you are sure to enjoy. The setting is modish, and you can see vintage French posters that create an ambience.

The drinks list at the bar changes daily. This ensures you will have something new to sample every time you visit. Find a seat and watch the expert bartenders mix great cocktails for you. The foods on the menu are also worth trying.

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3) Three Sheets

Three Sheets cocktail bar on Kingsland Road was started by alumni from the Drink Factory. The owners of this bar have worked in some of the best places. It is a dark and dim place with candlelight creating an atmosphere. One of the highlights of this place is the service at the bar.

The bar has a seasonal menu, and you can sample some of the finest drinks. Earlier named Between the Sheets, the place underwent a name change recently. 

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