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Top 5 British Christmas Foods 

Top 5 British Christmas Foods 

Traditional British Christmas Foods.

It is next to impossible to make a perfect Christmas dinner like the British! Their famous Christmas dinner, which is appreciated worldwide, is genuinely a plate full of perfection that has been passed down through several generations. Britain becomes enchanting during Christmas, and if you can enjoy the top British delicacies in this magical environment, you can’t get luckier! It is one of the ideal destinations to visit with family during Christmas. The traditional Christmas dinner, also referred to as the Christian meal, is traditionally eaten during mid-day or early afternoon. 

Top 5 Christmas Food in Britain

With the snowy streets and beautifully lit country roads, UK celebrates Christmas like no other! Our top choices for the best British Christmas treats are as follows:

Roasted Turkey

One of the essentials of a Christmas dinner is a roasted turkey. First, the vegetables are roughly chopped and placed at the bottom of the roasting pan with oil. Then, the turkey is carefully placed on top of it and baked at an approximate temperature of 170 degrees centigrade, which retains the tender, juicy texture of the Roasted turkey. Though this particular delicacy has become intimately involved in the Christmas tradition, it has a fascinating history. King Henry VIII was the first English royalty to introduce this delicacy into the Christmas dinner, and since then, this has become an essential part of a Christmas dinner. 

Roast Potatoes

Charlotte, Nicola, and Maris Peer are the three varieties of potatoes that are highly recommended and used for roasting during Christmas dinner. Though they may sound effortless, the roast potatoes are a must-have for Christmas dinner! The potatoes are generally roasted in butter, lard, vegetable oil, or even goose fat. One of the reasons the potatoes are so delicious is that they are roasted only when the oil or the fat gets hot. 

Pigs in Blankets 

Also called Devil in Horseback, Weiner Winks, and Kilted Sausages, Christmas dinner is incomplete without pigs in blankets. This dish dates back to 1957; it was mentioned in the book called Betty Croker’s cooking for kids. It is a sausage-based culinary dish that is commonly served as an appetizer. They are small and can be eaten in two bites, and hence this dish is loved among children. The oven is generally preheated with oil to prepare this delicacy, and then the chipolatas are cooked perfectly. They are often served with mustard or aioli dipping sauce to enhance the taste of the treat. 

Brussel Sprouts 

They are an exotic seasonal vegetable that enhances the taste of Christmas dinner. There was a time when this dish was losing its significance as many people were not adding it to their Christmas meal. But, thanks to the organic Brussel sprouts farming, they made their way back to the top five British Christmas foods! When the entire dinner is dominated by non-vegetarian dishes, this particular delicacy, along with the vegetable soup, is like a saviour for the vegetarians attending the Christmas dinner. 

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Rich Fruit Dessert

Christmas pudding is an auspicious traditional dessert made of dried fruits, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. This delicacy is then coated with brandy and set on fire. This is said to be an age-old practise to ward off evil spirits! 

A bonus for you: Mincemeat

Also called mince pies, they are small-sized tarts filled with exotic dry fruits and spices and are a very common dessert during the festive season. It is generally served after mixing with butter, sugar and brandy, which enhances the taste.  

These dishes are created with love to make your holidays better and enjoyable. So this Christmas, enjoy your Christmas dinner with your family and friends with these lip-smacking delicacies. Merry Christmas!

Top 10 British Christmas Dishes by PNPSanta

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